Curve ball

I am recovering…

Walking boot with air pump to help reducing pressure to the ankle, tissue oil, palm pollen milk, wheel chair,  all those things happened in my life for the first time.

I had some beautiful memories of visiting the backyard gardens.

Cherry flowers, frog calling ponds, newly harvested broad bean, golden canola flower… I remember the summer time in the childhood days, people took electric torch to the rice field to catch frogs, light worm flying around the riverside… Before it got dark, family sat together under a tree at the backyard of the house, enjoying a pan of crabs.  It was cooler to have dinner outside and we enjoyed the breeze of riverside in summer days, the relaxing farming environment.  We cook the fresh broad beans with a kind of brook mud eel,  which looks alike eel but much shorter, together it makes a thick soup called “黄鳝豆瓣羹”.  It was very hard to catch another kind mud fish called “泥鳅” in the brook. Kids also caught little tadpoles in the ponds for fun. Today young people are still doing it, I do not know why…

I think about going to the most remote places of China when I get recovered, such as the land of the diversiform-leaved poplar forest.

Good time to read old books, watch some good domestic films online,  listening to Himalaya audio records…

I found classic literature, music are best to soothe the minds.  My favorate subjects are history, religion and art.

Things about Vietnam come into my mind, beautiful blue hues of the sky and river, pink church, travel routes…

Foods from Vietnam and people from Vietnam come into my life…

I see those things as magic.  They heal me as beautiful light.

While I thought back my life came to a curve ball stage after 10 years oversea living, I am finally back in China, a country I love in the earth but I was scared and worried about its future.  Polluted air is one thing.   I wanted to live in the west of China, where blue air, abundance of mushroom, tea, coffee and wines.  To realize my original plan of establishing more business in China before going abroad, I shall plan now to include more pictures into my life, which I  think the years developed as the most important life stories for me to restart and to build on.

Finally, thanks for God to bring me back to China and leave me some time and space to reborn!  I have my belief and I am stronger…


Wild food

Talking about wild foods, we did a back garden visit and I tried to show my bf the seasonal flavor of most delicious one, “Ji Cai”.  Here is a photo.

This is the food we chopped off and make dumpling fillings.  It grows in the field.

Here is another one we call “Cao Tao”, old season now.

“Ma Lan Tou” is another veggie which sells at the supermarket.  It cooks with dry Doufu and gives a freshness in the teeth.

These plants could be picked up in the field in the old days, now people just do not care to do it.

As people go outdoors in early April to sweep the graves, they may also pick up wild spring onions and dig up wild mountain bamboo shoots.  I tasted the wild spring onion once a few years ago.  We normally cook them with pork chops or “Ji Yu” a river fish which could be grown in the spring water near tea plantation or just in the rice field.  The wild one just tastes more tough and more aroma and flavor.  My sister brought me some wild bamboo shoots this time.  They tasted very tender comparing to the tough root looks.

While the best green tea “Long jin” picked before the Qing Ming Festival, tasted more sweet and costs much higher than late time picked teas, we appreciate also the fresh tea leaves to be cooked with shrimps.

We also enjoy the seasonal cakes of two different flavors.  The yellow cake is covered with palm tree pollen. The green one is mixed in with “Ai Qin”, a wild plant,  people picked up the dry them by hanging the bunch on the door to dispel mosquito and evil spirits.

Those plants just make me memorize the kid time of mine.


Being close to Chinese culture

I was feeling a bit lost, being a bit far away from God, when I returned to china and I had an accident.  An electric bike with a couple and a kid sitting at the front went wrong way and speedily bumped into my left feet while I stepped down from the platform of a bus station.  They were avoiding a big truck and could not make a stop.  Bad luck, it was.  Now I must pick up good luck again.  We went to a small eatery by wheelchair and took some photos.

Here I would like to show you some bonsai and decoration, a style we call harmony of life.


You may find here tea tree flower, golden fish, Chinese orchid, bonsai plum tree, a Chinese paper fan pattern designed framework for small article decoration.   Images of lotus pod on the wall shows a peace of mind in fruit.

We ordered dumpling with fillings of fresh “Ji Cai”,  a green veggie which also grows wildly in the field in spring.  Traditionally people like to dig up wild Ji Cai to cook with rice cake.  It was called the most flavorsome wild veggie. 

“Cao Tou” is also another wild veggie, which looked alike three leaves grass.  We cook it with Shao Xing rice wine. Now it just finished the best growing season.  Now it is the right season for spring bamboo shoots and new tea before Gu Yu, agricultural season names.

Spring is the best season to have lots of wild foods, which I will explain in another writing.


Springair to Zhuhai

Just returned from a trip to Zhuhai by Springair. Zhuhai is a wonderful city, great food, good people, people mix from inland.   It has fresh sea air and the voice of tides.

The trip from Shanghai Hongqiao airport is on 7:05am, which I felt too early as the number 10 metro starts the earliest shift on 5:56am.  The flying time was on time, and I arrived in Zhuhai with great mood.  Real palm trees, bushy plants, a clean and green city as I think from the first steps I landed in the airport.

Lianhua road is the Main Street in the city where crowds of business, hotel, open eateries, restaurant, small markets and lanes may amaze you at the first visit.  I took photos of local small business and people on the streeet.  Knocking off oysters, making spice fillings for Bin Lang chewy fruits, street eating, those are great funs.

The local dry food are collected together to sell, which could be sea snails, bambo, sausages and dry meat.  Hunan people seems alike love setting their food business in Zhuhai.

Here are sauces from Hunan province.

Chicken and pig’s stomach soup with Chinese medicines is a special dish from Guangxi province.

The seaside walking way is great to meet people and to have a relaxed afternoon.

Zhuhai is located just opposite Macau, the gambling city of China. Foreigners and travellers coming from overseas go to Macau for holidays, then have fun in Zhuhai too.  Massage services, nice food, entertainments, those are accessible in Zhuhai.

The flight back to Shanghai delayed 30 minutes as of avoiding air affects.  I still like about the Springair and Zhuhai.  It is kind of international city with food attraction and tennis club in the Hengqin New District, another free zone trade island.

Finnaly , it was the sight of the Springair craft and the pretty good cabin food.

Food in local

It is a remote city along the east coast of Ningbo city in China, the place Jiang Jie-shi was born and became the president of the national party of republic china before fleeing to Taiwan in 1949.

Fenghua became an eco-village model in China a few years ago for its environmental village management, for it it costs ¥80 a ticket to visit.

The local food is famous for its chunky and large taro.  Small taro seeds near the big trunky one taste very silky, that is the big difference.  We like to cook it with pickled veggie called Xucai.  I like to eat the tender tube fiber near the trunk as well.

As there is a mountain called Xuedou Hill in Fenghua, the creeks produce lots of tasty wild food, such as clams, fishes…

Local market provides the fresh cattle cuts which is a tradition and is well known for local delicacy, such as beef noodle…

This season’s bamboo is tender and it is of thin, long type,  called “whip bamboo” or “thunder bamboo”.  The tube veggie could be grown in the water.   As it has huge amount of iron, it produces blood red liquid…The rice cake is chewy, stir fried with a special veggie called Jicai, which gives great flavor and aroma.

Those are farmer cooked food, may not look awesome, but it does taste fine.

Country life

In China, life is alway about harmony.   Flaming cockscomb with luxurious looking floccus shows the passion of life.  In the courtyard or front yard, cockscomb grows in the vase.  If vastly grown, it could grow very tall, alike the sunflower.

Chinese love orchid more than any other plants for indoor decoration.  Yellow clay and sand mix is good for growing orchid.  I went to the Jiufeng hill to pick some earth and sand.  Normally local orchid blooms in February.  Yellow clay and sad mix could resist the cold rot in the snow.


Bottle gourd is a blessing for house.  Engraved with blessing words, it was used for decoration and to dispel evils. 

Golden fish means good luck.  River turtle is kid’s favorate.

Bamboo plant is common in the southern province.

Tea tree flower or camellia is good to be seen in Oct.

Winter melon grows in the frost season.  Pumpkin was harvested to feed the running chicken.

This is a peach plantation. In March, peach flowers would be overwhelming.

Lucky air

Here it is another budget air company called luckyair.  It does the flight in the Yunnan province of China.  Allianced with Westair, there is another 10% discount for connecting flights.

While Westair is based in Chongqin, the flight from Chongqin to Kunming is provided by Westair, the connecting flight goes to Shangarila, Tengchong and Lugu Lake.

The flight from Chongqin to Wulumuqi is another popular destination for connecting flights to Keshi, Hetian and Yining.

The flight from Chongqin to Xishuangbanna, then Dali or Lijiang are even more popular for travelers in Yunnan province.

Great places to go if you could spend a month for cool summer time in Tengchong, a week stay for water festival in the rainforest of Xishuangbanna in March,  winter days in Dali for tea tree flowers, spring in Lugu Lake, autumn in Shangarila for golden and red leaves, winter snow fun and evening happy time in Lijiang…

From Wulumuqi, you can take a train to Lasha, Tibet.

Hetian is a place in Xinjiang where the famous Hetian jade was found.  Happy time in Xinjiang could be very much enjoyed by singing and dancing.

Keshi is close to the border of Pakistan for bike trip to Himalaya.  You can walk the highway, go to the desert, sing what you wan to sing on the way.

Yining is a a place to see lavender farm.

I am the person who gonna enjoy much these routes.