Winter days in China

10am today, it is so sunshine warm here. I am sitting right under the sunshine position.

The sky is so blue. Fancy clouds and beautiful trees.

A butterfly just sits beside me, I feel so blessed!

The yellow new branches look so beautiful!

Half shade leaves have a leathery shine which is full of life!

This is a status of meditation, the moment to embrace the sun!


Seasonal dishes

I am buying some food for dinner cooking at home.

The chicken leg mushroom is my favorite flavor of chicken but more silky and meaty!

Today I am buoying these two types of mushroom. The right one has crab flavor. Both are juicy and tender.

I stir-fried the river shrimp, doufu curd, mushroom and winter bamboo shoots. The shoot shall be but into pieces and be boiled in water for a short minute to reduce the tangy taste. The bamboo gives lots of fresh sweetness and flavor to the this dish as well.

My second dish is more interesting. It is a savory dish for rice as the spice pickled mustard could be salty, so need to be soaked in warm water to reduce the salt first. It brings lots of flavor to the meat, with some bay leaves and star aniseed to give good aromas.

The pork meat has a blue mark as it is sealed with market allowance.

The mustard looks alike this in the glass pot.

Here are the special treats.

The 12 colors puffing snacks is a special treat for Kitchen God on the 23rd of Chinese Lunar date of the last month before new year.

Also the dry persimmon is a seasonal snack.

“Fengshui” for energy

Back home now, I find out my daffodil blooms. The bloom one was dropped to the floor as of heavy heads which shall have a few buds later on.

Daffodil at home gives me peace and fragrance. It is of good energy. I put it close to the sink, so every time I wash the dish I can smell it and locate it not directly to the wind but with good circulation is good “Shuishui”. Give it some light too as it shall be your spot light in life now. Give it wishes, it shall bloom with more plentiful of flowers…

Chinese believes in good energy of “Fengshui”.

let me know you something my flat’s position and the town’s layout design.

The sunset would be on the right while in the morning it is on the left. Look into the two balls, the silver and golden balls.

The mountain is called “Jiu Feng Mountain”. On the lower ridge you can see the river flows all the way down my flat. The balls collects the water energy and reflects all the morning sun energy to other parts of the town.

While at the afternoon, the sunset shines over the flat roof and be reflected back onto three golden building just next to flat.

The middle part of the building is a five star hotel. On the left and right, the two building has a design of empty space on the top which is higher than 3 floors.

Some of the blocks also have air spaces for energy to go through. At the right time, the buildings just shine all in golden…

The backside of the right building, it has a horizontal river, garden, three ponds…A metro station line just comes next to the garden.

Survive, revive, thrive

I am listening to Canon. It vibrates and leads you to upgraded mode of new, joy and inspired.

Thinking about freedom, a journey of looking into inner beauty and make yourself be a-rounded with beauty, that is something in the book of John Green’s “A fault in your star” related.

Reflecting back to the trip in Chiang Mai, I watched lots and lots of birds, especially pigeons.

They come to the roof and the pool. When you open the window in the early morning, the birds’ natural music just be around you and the snowy white fish skin pattern roof coverings shine in the bright warm morning sun! What a bright day!

When the star is still illuminating, all quiet, the flower is still closed, you can feel about the pigeons again.

Well, it seems there are lots of varieties of pigeons, the wild ones live in the remote forest you can not find it.

While I was sitting at the gate of old city wall of Chiang Mai, The pigeons in different colors flew frequently over the city boundary river…

Fleeing through the fountain, wings expanding,

soaring, landing, all those moments as I observe, made me feel wow, I want that feeling too!

Pigeons are social birds, easy to settle when water and food available, they build up nests. It represents pureness and peace for human beings. It is a reflection of young kids as well. Very peaceful and forgiving…The pigeons speak compassion language…

Along the Ping River, incubator of bird’s life, gravels and shrub on the river bank give a rest place for small birds…

Some old houses sits over the bank which were built on the Ping River before the river changed route.

Soaring birds over this river made lots of beautiful sounds. A small pigeon with blueish neck feather came by…a few parrots darts to the shrub…

The pigeon settles as they see the opportunities…human beings deny this natural behavior as it is against social needs…

We start things from passion then finish with downs and dooms. At the first start, we all have a dash of passion. I want to do this and that. And we darted to get it. The sooner the quicker you get almost to success, we get tired…

which sinks…but plants evolves in a different way…

Now we think back how the lotus flowers bloom which comes half way on the 29th day, the next day all flowers are open. The energy was kept.

And the bamboo, it glows fast at the fifth year with a growth length of 30cm each day while the root has expended hundreds of meters underground for the last four years…

And the cicada story, the bug kept in the earth for years to cumulate the energy, then it can come out the ground and climb to the tree top, the it can fly with golden wings’ freedom…

When can we look inside our wish and dreams, and take the courage and charm to bring to the world?

Like a tree, dig deeper the soul and meanings for life. Be solid, then you can bloom, have a cycle of life, be brilliant!

Ending with something great! And start a new day with brightness and bloom.

keep notice of your flying time…

Leave the impact, leave the legacy, let freedom flow, let singing be good.

Be the light!

Oasis in the old city

You see, Thailand people live in a fairy land depicted in the painting.

Range of hills with soaring birds;

Pinky sky over the blue lakes;

Older can dance alike a squirrel climbing the bamboo tree;

Woman carrying water buckets with pole on her shoulder greets to others in a well talk;

Running home dog is not chained in the house which is a wood structure on poles…no need of fences

Low huts on grassland at the foot of the hills with bush and forest behind.

The sky is alway blue or rosy pink; tiger, lion, leopard live alike god in the forest where water lily bloom and people come to pray…

I am reading all the painting in this temple.

Wise men live in an empty tree trunk same as a cave or rest in a tree hammock where dear, squirrel, rabbits and commonly friends.

Swimming in a lake with lotus seeds to pick…

Home is sweet; babies are cherished, saint water is holly served… Obedience not for the royal highness; for the blessing!

I feel god created everything for us, we did not behold fully today…

I am in Chiang Mai. I walked into the temple and medicate alike walking into an oasis and stay…

Some people just walked in and out quickly, without a thinking and stopping time to read and think about the happiness of meeting Buddha.

Buddha is eternal no mater how our hearts may change…

And I share with you…

What is a Buddha? It is a possibility of human beings. It is the Dharma that exerts everything that can function as a function of the mind, that is, the heart, the changes of the heart, and the establishment of many methods.


I want to cherish, to delight myself after the meditation…

A fancy sky umbrellas show!

Walked into a shop and smell the test aromas, I bought an energizing oil.

Came to a lane with lots of spots for coffee, shops… this big tree is kind of hideaway for this hotel.

I listened to the wind chimes here!

A carpet of grassland and antique iron craft decoration of this building makes a difference to the wood chairs…

Blissful flowers!

Had an oil massage here which is very good, opposite here you can enjoy the bird’s nest desert.

Again fancy hangings!

And calming water fountain…

Love this umbrella water plant and the blissful fragrant flowers.

I am now eating at a restaurant where most of people go, where the owner looks alike a happy Buddha…as he is in the photo. He was picking the veggie while invited me to go.

Live for the moments

Heard the song of birds this morning, had a bright sun watch, then I was embraced by the warm of the sun by observing the birds.

I enjoyed the photos people shared on Facebook about a boy. The inner peace and joy, a close relations to nature, animal and people. I Even the fish becomes so adorable in the hands of happy heart!

I wonder what is the place and I wrote to the artist where it is.

I had a heart breakfast and mocha and go ahead to the old city of Chiang Mai.

Now I am siting under the sun and near the Buddha to write…

Gardens, a countryside with simple pleasures of living life or quiet city corners have been my favorite sanctuary. When I want a place of harmony and peace, I go.

A place to listen to wind chimes…

A walking with beautiful sighting seeing of flowers, small lanes are nice too!

I asked the monk if I can take photo. He said “you like right”. I said, “yes. yes.” by looking into the bright rosy pinky flowers above.

This dog is enjoying his its nap.

Now you can see the real beauty, layers of layers of root tops, where a bird just hovers onto it. A breeze comes! And sound of leaves. Peace here in the old city of a Chiang Mai.

The bird rested on the tip of the top and was cleaning its feathers…

I shall do some meditation here with similar posture as the Buddha.