South Pacific

The world has bouncing boards, such as Brisbane, it is an opening door to South Pacific Islands. While South Pacific area occupies 1/6 of the world map, with Tahiti in the middle, can you imagine Bora Bora island is only 1 hour flight from Toronto. If you want to fly to Canada, you could fly to Bora Bora first from Australia, that Bora Bora is a stepping bouncing board for you to jump from Australia to North America.

Vanuatu was voted as the fourth happiness country in the world, number 1 in the South Pacific, a destination of river canoe and fishing.  Imagine you always wanted a river canoe in the Amazon rainforest, you start here, the latter one is more wild and mysterious, the former one is more about unity and laugh.

where is more wild than Solomon island and Cook Island?  Hearing the name of Solomon, you thought it is a devil’s place, yes or no, it has the darkest face in the world as pitch dark as Middle Africans, painted with ghostly white pattern, it surely makes you feel alike they are part of the family of Australian aboriginals or vice versa.

The oldest stone establishment in the Cook Island, we say the old ancestors recorded the world, seasons, their ancestor’s acknowledges into the way how the stones were set up.

With a canoe, the pacific sea adventurists sailed into the North Land of New Zealand, through the sea ways within the Bay of Islands, finally they settled in the Pahia area.

Imagine the Australia island is still moving west to Africa, we are so close to Africa by the stepping board of Perth.  Everyone shall like about Africa, the wild fauna and floa, the breathtaking mountains named as tiger and lion, the running healthiest bum on the vast open lands…Perth and Africa, they are so alike in each other, with remoteness and wild flowers.

Well, in Queensland, we are proud of our rainforest, fossils, sand dunes, we imagine the lifestyle of hinterlands in the forest and outback in the bush.  The sunrise and sunset over the horizon, so close, vast blue hue with pinky rainbow ribbon. We are blessed to be so close to the God.