South Pacific Islands flight

AirCalin is doing a promotion of return trip to New Caledonia for $499 for early booking. I checked out their site, a 30 years establishment in flying. I wonder how many business are doing Pacific Island flight cheap deals, as $499 for return is not cheap for a 1.5 hour flight one way.  For Aussie, Whitsundays is great place to travel.  A trip from Melbourne to Whitsunday is operated by Tigerair. Virgin air and Jetstar provide trips from Brisbane, stop in Auckland and other cities in New Zealand for Pacific Islands’ destination.  Budget air for Pacific Islands are much needed. Virgin air also provides direct flights to Fiji and Vanuatu from Brisbane.

Flying to Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Norfolk Island, New Zealand has deals on specific days this year.

Named “Our Airline”,  Nauru Air flies from Brisbane to Nauru Island, Marshall Islands, Nardi (Fiji), Tarawa routinely.

Air Nuigini and Solomon airlines provides direct flights from Brisbane to top parts of South Pacific Islands.  Fiji air has routes to far island such as Honolulu and our own Christmas Island. 

Polynesian air provides fight between Samoa and American Samoa, also charter services to Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Savii.

Flight Centre and House of Travel offer flight deals to South Pacific Islands. 


Another day trip to Murphys creek and Highfields

I had a great day full of surprises. It was the third Sat. of the month, Murphys creek market opened with music on. Local mandarin Honey Mercot was $3 a bucket, which has an intense flavor. Two types f mandarin were selling, another is pear shaped, named Imperia, sweeter but I prefer the first one.

I was told Camphor Myrtle is a pest in Australia. I always saw small white flowers in the mountain, which reminded me of Manuka. Walked up and down to the Highfields waterfall today, there I found the so called Camphor Myrtle again.

A local couple worked together to make handmade wood pens, bowls, boxes, hanging crafts.

Interesting plants, Ivy Geranium is great for windowsill show, and 

the 5-in-1 herb smells great.

The next stop is Spring Bluff. Walked up the hill, our friend, a former World Taiji Champion performed the Chen style Taiji.  On lower platform, people were having BBQ party. Poppy flowers started to work their way to greet Spring.

The cafe owner was collecting the blooming Azalia. You may hear all kinds of  whistling birds in the lower part of the forest. A waterfall entry was locked up at this moment.

Magnolia had been blooming for more than one month now in Highfields.

The lookout of the Blue Mountain heights was great.

The Highfields Waterfall is a easy walk through a loop to the top platform of the fall, then off to the twin falls viewing platform.

Meditation on food preparing

Like dancing with great music on, you shake your body, move around, which gives great pleasures in body movement, food preparation is another way for you to meditate, excercise your thinkings.

Connecting the modern world with the long history Chinese cooking utensil design of Wolk, I put in whole potatos in the water to boil. The first experience in cooking as a teenager with cousins was burned potatos. We kept putting woods into the fire stove, not realizing the water dried up and potato skin got burned. Simple cooking could cause a mess as well. Now I am stewing coffee. The Turkey coffee needs time to boil and simmer to get the most aroma and flavor out of the coffee grounds.  The coffee solids would build up in the bottom afterward. I like the taste of Turkish coffee. I put in good sugar which boiled in the water first, a piece of golden slab sugar from China marketed by Fung Shing Thai, a HK company.

I was simmering the potato to get them cooked through. Not putting too much water, it works by steaming up the potatos.

 Sipping the hot coffee, I was thinking about how Carte Noire made coffee roasting interesting by freezing them to lock the aroma and flavor, while capsule coffee made coffee choice easier and preparation time faster by preparing different fineness level of coffee varieties to get best flavor profiles.

All foods need time and patience to work out the best way. That is what meditation works on focusing on what you do and do what you like.

Earthy smell potatos, try if if you like it, dip with the mix of soybean paste and preserved cooked fungus. Yummy!

The best soybean paste is from the original fermentated soy beans. “葱伴侣” is a good brand. The fungus is from “饭扫光”.

Trip to Asia

Since the alibaba opened a airticket booking for international traveling in China, the trip to Australia and the domestic trip includes Tigerair. My friend in China mentioned to me,that is the third time I need to think about this airline company.

The first time an Aussie told me she would not use tiger as it always gets late. I found the tiger air place was good, but never made a decision to use it. Last year we used the flyscoot from Singapore to Bali and found out it was very disappointing, the online booking time was wrong, by swapping a day would mean you gonna buy another ticket, so we booked another ticket to fly by jetstar back to Singapore. At least I used jetstar many times, I have not met an issue. The connecting flight within one hour in the Singapore airport landing from New Zealand, further to China, I made it, that was amazing.

So my Chinese friend would book a cheaper dragon air ticket domestically in Australia, (cheaper than Jetstar) most possibly she would do it through the booking on the Alibaba site.

I gonna have a personal trip from Brisbane to China. My destination could be Hangzhou as Airasia does the flight from Gold Coast to Hangzhou, or Ningbo, my home town. Between Hangzhou and Ningbo, there is alway fast bus trips, or trains, so I do not bother that, only 1-2 hour difference.

Sometime Airasia has good deals, sometime it is not, the fare could be double the price within a few days of traveling.

I thought about Tigerair again. They do the trip from Singapore to Ningbo while airasia does not have it. Airasia flight from Gold Coast to China would stop at Malasia, sometime the waiting time could be almost a day. I had bad impression on the Malaysian international airport,  Kuala Lumpur as of the smelly and wet toilet issues. The last trip in Malasia, we had an overnight sleep in the airport, and the conditions seems alike make me feel it could be accomodating. I saw so many overseas travelers sleeping the corners of walking ways. The food is not bad while I still like more the Singapore airport’s food courts as I am a Chinese.

As I remembered the flyscoot has a flight from Bangkok to Lijiang, China, I guess Tigerair and flyscoot belong to the same company. That is the first thinking. Then I checkeded out the Facebook page of Tigerair, I am surprised to find out it was owned by Richard, the Virgin airline boss. I quite like the brandname of Virgin Airline, part of reason it provides world trip deals, innovation in the airflight service. I never tried Virgin Airline yet, though the domestic trips in Australia, Virgin flight could be cheaper than jetstar as it based in Melbourne.

Based in Melbourne for domestic flights and Singapore to fly Asia, I can not resist to checkout all different destinations in Asia from Tiger Singapore.

That was quite encouraging.

I found out the flight fare is good to try.  Some nice beach places to go, such as Surabaya in Indonesia, Kochi, Langakawi in India, also Penang in Malay, Kalibo, Cebu in Philippine, Krabi and Phuket in Thailand, and Male in Maldives.Fort heritage and river trip in Trichy, Chennai, Hyederabad, Dhaka and Yangon.

It would be exciting to try out India, Philippine, Indonesia and Malaysia. No need to mention how cheap it is to fly to Ho Chi Mingh city.

You may have tried already, just let me know.

Creek bank

I saw the long tailed rainbow lorikeets darted from one tree to another, dozing ducks, a family of three resting on the bank of a pond, jumping wagtail landed on the platform of leftover wood trunk to land. While some birds like to fly high, some likes low landing.  Ducks like to wander, fatty body moving around the bank, then dived into the creek and quickly flee away.  Swamp hens hidden in the grass, some foraged along the bank, long leg stalked the bed of grass.

Lorikeet in the palm tree

Falling palm cones, wetland, active minor birds, a barking dog towards the roof landing bird, flowering lemon tree, walking backyard house owners, caged pigeons, a lonely flying galah, at such a cloudy day.

Creek Bank

Yellow bloom

It seems alike over a night, spring comes, 

the warm wind flowed, the bark bush bloomed with all yellow fluffy flowers.

The tree name I could not find out, a kind of wattle maybe.

Doom shaped branches, light cream bark, graceful living alone.

Also guess what is the name of bird for this purple colored feather? It could be Australian wood duck’s male feather.

Looking forward to the Toowoomba Spring Garden Festival.

Apex Lake

It is a man made lake. In Australia, we could watch the moon at the daytime.

Late afternoon, short necked turtles popped up their heads in the water at the more secluded part of the lake. Brave minor birds dived fast to catch insects. Young swallows gracefully glided over the water, up alike a tiny helicopter and went.

Over the blue sky, silver moon hung still, the soaring egrets came all the way from bird island hovered along in flocks, flied alike kites.

Fat goose and duck moved along the bank close to each other.

We walked into the green house opposite the lake. Kind of German hue painted house, unique as Black Forest among the dry, warm colored Australian houses, I rang the bell. Glazing on the door sign, kind of Maori work carving design, I wondered the owner could be kiwi. Sure not, I met a friendly Aussie gramma aged lady. She paints water color, pastel, oil and acrylic, mainly floral, trees and scenery.

Tara rose gallery, the garage showroom was awesome.  She invited us to attend her exhibit soon. And she welcomes visitors  at her home gallery.

Bits of diving routes to the Gatton National Park was good to see new houses in the Woodland with great mountain views.