Laidley Spring Festival flowers

Spring festival comes, it starts from the Queen’s country garden village Laidley.

Flowering peach is alway a symbol of Spring in Asia. 

Here Australia beauty Leptospermum “Pink Cascade” and “Ballerina” are representatives of bush flower.

Maybush is another example.

Abutilon “Chinese Lantern” is well accustomed to Australia.

The lavender “Italian Purple” is beautiful.

Also all kinds of daisy, African Daisy, even piggy face Daisy.

Guess what is the tiny fruit in this tree? Tropical Nashi pear.

Geraniums flower in season, scented, bush variety and “Candy Dancer” which has a profound lemon and rose smell.

Bromeliaceae is a popular half shade plant, while the thorny South American Bromeliaceae tolerates all sun.

Clivia plant is popular as house plant and outdoor container plant.

Trailing Chenille plant, also called Strawberry Firetails is a novice for me.

Finally this year’s flower subject is “We are Australia”.


Competition in the Asian air market

Airasia provides flights as far as Tehran in the north, Mauritius in the East.  Cities alike Colombo, Da Nang, Goa, Kalibo are for sea lovers.  Yongon, along the Yongon River, temple and cathedral both exist in this city.  Phnom Penh and Vietiane are the down and up part of cities along the Meigong River, which connects to Lancang River in China. Dhaka, the South Asian city on the top part of the map is seldom explored for its mountains, while Kathmandu is popular for hikers.  Siem Reap is a stop to visit the heritage Angkov Wat.  In Japan, Osaka is a place to visit Buddist temple.

Airasia has flights to popular tourist places such as Phuket, Pe Nang, Langkawi, Krabi along the strait of Malacca; to the centralized triangle cities for diving, namely Miri, Kota Kinabula and Tawau; to the west, Male of Maldives, the pearl of Indian Sea.

Everything seems so good now. Let me tell you I paid $198 for return trip from Singapore to Male by Tigerair.  I paid $80 for a flight from Chiang Mai to Kuala Lampur by  Malindoair. What happened to Airasia fare now? I checked the same date of 5 February from Chiang Mai to Kuala Lampur, Airasia charges $117. Airasia charges $164 one way from Kuala Lampur to Male on 13th Dec, which is almost double my flight on 11th Dec. Airasia does not have a flight to Male on 11th or 12th.

A flight for Gold Coast to Phuket may cost $239, while a back flight from Chiang Mai to Gold Coast may cost $400. Singapore airline would charge a little higher than $400 for Chiang Mai to Brisbane. So you would be happy to take the Singapore airline.

I happenly had an issue with the payment on the My computer noticed me there is a safety issue, someone may steal your bank info.  When I clicked backward a few steps, then I found a booking reference said they would send me confirmation when your payment got confirmed from bank.  

It seems that this new company Malindoair is developing new routes to Chiang Mai, Miri, Medan, Hanoi, Taipei.  The domestic fare is very cheap. They provide travel packages. On Facebook, there was a customer feedback of wrong itinerary print out, also delay and bad customer services, all sorts of things. Quite scary!

Checked Flyscoot also today, its booking system does not work. Flyscoot started flight from  Singapore to HK for the Chinese market. I once had a wrong itinerary from online booking and lost money in the booking. Their service counter inside the custom office charges $40 for boarding pass handling fee, so I have to check out and check in again.

I have not got issues with jetstar and Airasia yet. Sometime you can not go for the cheap tickets.

About Fiji

Through all the packages, I quite like the below two options.

1) 5 nights at the Bedarra Beach inn offered by virginaustralia, including return trip to Nadi, $825

2) 4 nights at the Mountain view spa room offered by Spacifica travel agency, including the return flight for the fist time customer, $679

I do not like kind of resorts where lots of people go, except that is my timeshare resorts. 

While in Fiji, you have not booked your accommodation, you can try the following.

Adventurefiji provides Bula pass and Bula combo pass for cabin, hut booking and island hopping. 7-21 days hopping options are provided.

A few places to go, beautiful beaches, valley, bay and islands.

Sigatoka valley tour, Off road cave safari, Savala Island cruise, South Sea cruise, Captain Cook cruise to the paradise island Tivua, Cloud 9 bay trip among the Mamacuca Islands, for those you can book through Air New Zealand online for deals.

Blight water shipping would take you to the Savusavu island.

Tourism program are popular in Fiji, so you could feel alike having fun.

If you start from New Zealand, I would say premium cabin by Air NZ to Fiji is quite good.

Lazy afternoon

It is the Australian wood duck, in a pair, foraging the grassland. The late afternoon sunshine, spray irrigation in whirls of water for lawn care, creek grass straight up in the bank of frog habitat, cattle were grazing on the same route.  Next to the fence, dumped hay was built up as home by the toads as warm, soft bed.

Tussock grass lives under the tall eucalyptus, together the pinky seed pods and yellow bark, a mixed hue of nostalgia imprinted in the land of Australia.

Long grass and dry thistle head, a life of wild growth and decay, exchanged their life role to feed the cattle.

Grazing on its own pace…galahs not coming now, egrets not dropping around.

Dusk is a curtain of pink and blue veil.

About travel package

I have to say virgin Australia is doing the best job in fly and hotel package. It even offers Ultimate Winery Experience. It flies to cities, valleys, islands, mountains, also provide fly and cruise booking, the Blue Lagoon cruise in Fiji. 

Air New Zealand provides lots of activities booking online for Fiji trip, with deals to catch.

Tiger Singapore runs a 100% travel agency company to provide the best beaches trips in Asia. provides Gold Medal deals trip booking to Fiji by Fuji airway. A flight from Brisbane to Nadi is $483 return on special days in November. are offering promotions for flight and 3 nights hotel return package on 16th-19th Feb 2017 starting the trip from Kuala Lumpur. I ticked already a few places to go. It is crazy to pay only $37 for flight and 3 nights in Penang. Let me make a list of all the cheap goes now.

1) Thailand and Vietnam

Bangkok $99

Chiangmai $107

Krabi $105

Ho Chi Minh $111

Hanoi $155

Da Nang $234

2) India/Nepal/Bangladesh

Hyderabad $230

Chennai $221

Tiruchirapalli $242

Visakhapatnam $189

Colombia $256

Kathmandu $392

Dhaka $366

Goa $547

3) Indonesia/Phillipines/Maldives

Bandung $117

Jakarta $94

Medan $100

Surabaya $142

Yogyakarta $75

Boracay $218

Manila $214

4) Japan/South Korea

Tokyo $426

5) Laos/Cambodia/Myanmar

Phnom Penh $134

Siemens Reap $112

6) Malaysia/Singapore

Singapore $139

Kota Bharu $67

Kuching $72

Penang $37

Well, Singapore is good to stay, Tokyo too. India could be an adventure.

Remember that Air Asia offers ASEAN Pass special deals by offering one month or two months flying in some of the Asian countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines, adventure trips through Singapore, Diving mania trip, Food trail to Ho Chi Minh city. One month valid 10 credits pass costs $185.  You can book hotels through airasia’s points collecting hotel booking site, a kind of loyalty program. I do not benefit from flight points yet, but may try the hotel booking.

A house yard garden

A typical Australian native plants garden at the front yard of a house in Gatton, of which the backside is bush forest, it is located at the top part of the hill,  in the way of wind blowing, so looking up, all little birds swirled around in the sky.

The front plant is Banksia,which has wilted flower part, little birds loved to jump into the branches of canopy. The wattle tree is still blooming at the left with bushy plant rampant on the floor.

The Spring young birds hopped along the edge stones and feed on the seeds dropped on the ground.

It may be a wagtail with blue crest, and a sparrow type of bird with short tail, which made lots of callings while others were still swirling high in the sky like swarming bees.

Tiger air

It is without resistance to try the Tiger holiday packages from Singapore to Langkawi and Boracay,  roughly 200-300 dollars 3 days return, 2 nights stay.

Thursday rush flights from Singapore to China would cost roughly $55-$100 plus tax. Crazy fare is to Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Krabi, Ho Chi Minh.  The fare to Maldives is great as well, $55 plus tax.

While jetstar headquartered in Wuhan, China and cancelled its Hangzhou stop one year ago, Tiger air has direct flight to Ningbo, my home town, with a higher fare than other cities. With high speed train connecting between Shanghai and Ningbo, Hangzhou to Ningbo, it is  fine to stop in Shanghai or Hangzhou, then transfer to Ningbo.

I gonna fly airasia from Gold Coast to Hangzhou in a few days, with a cheap fare as well.

Flying back by a stop in Singapore, then travel to neibouring countries before the destination of Australia is an option. Or I take a domestic trip in China from East to South, Nanning city, then take a train to Vietnam, travel the Yalong Bay, all the way down to Ho Chi Minh, then fly to Singapore. 

In early Sept., a flight from Brisbane to Darwin is on promotion for $109. My favorate place Kakadu NP is reducingly good to go. A flight to Darwin could make you jump over to the Papa Nuigini and fly to Philippine, or jump over to East Timor to see the pink beach.

So I booked a return flight from Singapore to Maldive on promotion with resort one night free.  What a great offer!