Green Trip Day in China

Yesterday it was our local hundred years old sweet-scented osmanthus festival in the hillside village called Wang-ao.  Today we went to Tian Tong,  scenic spot of Tiantong National park and famous Tiantong Temple.  Happenly it was Green Trip Day, we took the metro for four stops, then changed to a bus 162 to the end destination of Tian Tong station. One stop before that is Tian Tong Scenic Area’s Information Centre for private cars.

The sweet scented osmanthus flowers fell off along the way.

These trees were planted along the road near the forest.

Rare old Chinese trees are located at the front part of the Temple and along the way to two pools, where released fish, turtles are living proof of this old temple.  The temple has a history of more than 1700 years with Chinese emperors’ worship and late Japanese Foseng leaders’ impact.  It is surrounded by six hills of National Park, mainly the Taibai Hill.

The front entry has a statute inscribed with Tian Tong Temple.  The temple has big trees of pseudolarix,  five-leaved pine, Sabina chinensis, metasequoia, camphor,  Magnolia grandiflora.  The Sabina chinensis was almost 1000 years old.  The rare metasequoia is one of the world’s most ancient tree species from China.

With modern building in front and a traditional pagoda at the background, this scenic site was a creation of new and old, together it left a harmonious life impact.

On both sides of the Square, together there are eighteen Luohan Budda sculptures.

Bamboo grove is another feature of this forest, in between is the even higher camphor tree.

By the creek, there is a beautiful tree, Senna surattensis with yellow and red flowers.

A few tea plantations in the inner road of old pilgrim way to the temple.  Flos hibisci blooms.

Maple tree with its red leaves are pleasant for the coming golden autumn days.

If you check out the Tiantong National Park on Baidu map, you could also book an entry ticket in advance.  You would pay a discounted fee of 15rmb, for one ticket with the benefit of another for free if you book before 8am.  The door price is 20rmb.

The best time to visit is after the weather cools down and the mosquitos disappear in the mountain.


Mid Autumn

After 8 years overseas stay, this year my first family togethering for Chinese Moon Festival was a great event for Happiness.

When the  sweet-scented osmanthus starts to fill the cool evening with warm feeling, the early harvested mandarin sends pure sweet smell from peels, time comes for Mid Autumn, the season for celebration after old time farmers’ harvest, when sometime the typhoon comes.  Two typhoons arrived this time, the first happened just after the day of Moon Festival on 15th Sept., all day raining and floods before the mid night, after the tide was down, all pumps and dams worked together to dispel the city street water out, some lower leveled places had to wait for the next day’s half morning time to let water run out.

This year I found out lots of  Senna surattensis trees with yellow and pink flowers blooming in the tall tree, great view from top towers.

The Second typhoon moved away to Japan after a few hours’ heavy wind blowing in my city.

Then people wait for one week’s holiday from 1st Oct to 7th Oct. 

October is called Golden Automn, yellow and red leaves for color enjoyment. People would climb the hills for maple leaves.  Gold sweet-scented osmanthus comes late with great aroma and golden flowers, picnic under the profound scented tree shall be very much fascinated.

Wine and cakes made from sweet-scented osmanthus are seasonal delight.

The meaty River crab with rich roe comes in November.

Autumn leaves in Japan are still fresh until the end of Nov.

Budget airline from China, Springair promotes cheap ticket deals to Japan, starts from 1-9 rmb plus tax. Based in Changzhou, it provides direct flights to Japan. Fly also from Shanghai to Thailand cities of Bangkok, Phuket and other Asian cities.

Westair, another new budget airline company based in Chongqin and Zhengzhou promotes cheap tickets from Wulumuqi to Singapore.

Transit layover by Airasia

Love to see smile faces at the KLT 2 of Kuala Lumpur Airport. For a layover day, I tasted the crispy chips, rich Penang Curry, fresh pink guava drink, watched a Beijing Gongfu movie at the lounge, relaxed at the Sport Lounge, I saw more and more Chinese were traveling by Airasia. I had great impression with friendly Malay people.

 Guava juice is a very healthy drink, highly antioxidant.
First time I used the water tube in the toilet as the tissue roll was supposed to be changed but not ready yet. I do not feel this experience was bad and I started to understand the Muslim hygiene ways though I do not like wet floor. Also the first time I used the cold shower here in the rest room. It was not too bad at all. The guy at the money exchange office kept telling me there are shower rooms for free here.

I was trying more and more new stuff at the airport. My first plan was to start a swimming in the hotel. Well, after walking all around, I do not think I would try my effort to check out the custom to get to the external Sama Sama hotel.
The internal Sama Sama express is designed for 3-6 hours sleeping use, RMB 360 roughly to get a bed and shower. It was recommended to use the gym as well.

Met two HK ladies who just came back from the trip to Nepal, it was good to know one of the lady even went to Pu Tuo Temple earlier. They did the Himalaya camp for one night at the Tibet side. They are 3 ladies group travelling together by booking a car first. One of the travel sites they did research first was ctrip, which is quite interesting. Another is Ali trip by Alibaba. I guess they checked air tickets and accommodation through these two sites.

Fly when you are ready

Funny thing, what you need to bring? I forgot to bring my bathing suit, so I had to buy today before I fly. It is a pattern of blue and white, casual and elegant. There were 3 shops selling beach stuff in one shopping mall of Tweed city. You see, Australians are so much love to go to beach. At the beach of Rainbow Bay today, I saw girls wearing G strings. They bowed down here and there to pick up something on the beach, what a great view to see their pretty butt. For me, I love swimming , the first thing I go to a hotel I would check out the pool. Without a dip of water, it seems alike my body does not get settled and be relaxed, or otherwise I would take a hot bath.

Second thing, I would take a hat, a black broad-brimmed hat would be give warmth in the air conditioned airport, more privacy feeling, also a style statement.

Thirdly, I would take a blanket. Budget airline charges $5 for a blanket. I shall feel more comfortable to have my own soft and pretty blanket.

Fourthly, I would take a sunglass, especially a polarized one. If I go to the beach, the sea would look much bluer with a proper sunglass.

Fifthly, I think I would bring a book, or I must download some app to read about. 

The last thing would be to have an energy bar always in your luggage. Waiting and before the flight, you need the energy to get on board.

Thankfully, I am boarding soon.  

Travel freak

Just booked a return flight to Phuket, back from Chiang Mai to Brisbane by Singapore airline at the cruiseabout retail.

I was trying to check out the ticket from Hangzhou to Phuket on Airasia, but for some location target reasons, the site crashed. This afternoon Airasia did crash in booking.

I was surprised to check out Singapore airline charges highly for a trip from Shanghai to Phuket and any budget airlines such as tiger, scoot also charge high price on flight from China to Phuket in January, which is higher than a flight from Australia to Phuket.  Taken the reason of Chinese New Year, I think there must be some other issues to consider such as airport fees, tax…

The cruiseabout retail, a subsidiary company of Flight Centre, does the flight booking as well. For cruise leaving from Brisbane, they book mainly P&O and Princess cruise. Australian are so crazy about cruise and traveling to Asia,  that is part of reason why cruise and Thailand trips are so cheap for Aussie.

Walked this afternoon in the upper part of Coolangatta, Kirra Beach and Rainbow Bay, I saw blocks of new seaside resort and buildings are for let, some put on $55 pp per night. Here surfing is popular, the tide is rough, splashes of water on rocks and cliffs. On the east cliff of the Tweed Head, Captain Cook memorial was a site called Point Danger. I started to wonder why Aussie goes for Bali and Phuket when they can find similar or better view at their door? I ask myself why should I travel far to beaches.

I guess the reason is pretty much in the cultural pursuit and the love of exotic food. No alcoholic control in Asia, while in some Muslim countries there maybe a lack of alchohol service, in the five-star resort people could get access to alcohol.  A crowd swarming experience in Asia with lots of food choices is part of fun reason for Aussie youngsters to spoil themselves. The resorts in Asia are more luxurious but cheaper than in Australia is another reason for couples and families to go for holidays.

We had booked our resort in Phuket and Chiang Mai many months earlier. The group company gave us offers and deals which of course we must test out our time share resorts first.

Now look back how good Australia is.  Coolangatta airport is just half an hour driving distance from the best of Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise.

Our town

I had a late afternoon walking to the town Centre to take a few photos.

I strode along the roundabout garden, full of sun flowers.

The entrance of Gatton Civic Centre has difeerent types of palm trees.

The hedge has three types of plants grouped together.

The back garden Centenary Park has huge Jacaranda and eucalyptus trees, great view in summer when Jacaranda blooms with purple canopy. The ground plants look fabulous in this time of the season.

Back home, the floating clouds were dramaticly overcasting the light blue sky.

Brunfelsia latifolia, beautiful Australian plant.

Rainbow lorikeets love the Grevellia.