Psychology of Wine #1


Let’s taste some wine! Psychology of wine #1

How did you make people to like this wine?

Good morning, everyone!

Today’s topic is psychology of wine. How did you make people to like this wine?

Yesterday when I passed on the queen street, I saw two persons stopping before an electronic guitar player, just before my route. I stopped. The old man was casually playing and ask me where am I from. I said I am from China. He said oh, “this man is from China and this man is also from China”. he is pointing to the two guys, one Asian face, another western face. The western man swings the body back with a witty smile. Then the old man said I went to Guangzhou before. Oh, yes. The couple was talking about music persons with the old man now. And the man started music, singing”I am from China…” I have to stop now, and wait to appreciate the music. I started to donate money. The music is not bad. he was playing casually with bass and companying with good low voice. Then I asked for a card. He is handing me a disc which costs 12 bucks. Then he is writing his contact on a notebook. I have to wait now. Suddenly I asked him where do you live? Would you like to make music for my wine salon? He replied, “I do not drink wine!” what an answer, but he said he would like to come…

How do you make people to like a wine?
When we have wine tastings, I would ask people do you like this wine and that? Oh, he would say they are too sweet for me. But for my two accompanying couple, the girl just like this sweet style Riesling, and the boy just like this sweet port. They do not drink wine and have not got wine tasting experience much before. But the girl is already excited about the wine.

Then people asked me, how do you make people like this wine as there are so many international wines there?

My easy answer is they must like me first.

But seriously thinking, there must be good reasons.
# 1 Is there a good cause for this wine?
# 2 Is this wine different from others?
#3 Does the wine look cool with a special label design?
#4 Does this wine taste great?
#5 Is it an owesome brand? Prestige concerned?
#6 Do I feel like bringing it back home? Imagination aroused?
#7 Is the wine interesting?
#8 Good bargain! I have to try.

All those minds come when we make a decision.

Today I would like to introduce a wine I like.

I was introducing this wine to my salon friends. It has a good price. Normally it is $29, now it is $19. A few days later, I found this wine in an Indian shop which is priced $9.99. And they have cases, cases of that wine. A good deal! I was not in a purchasing mood for wine that day. Actually I was looking for spirit for my limoncello. But I still grabbed two bottle. If I can, I would buy 2-3 cases first.
What is happening here? In Auckland, more and more liquor store, and they started to occupy the location first. Sometime, you will see two same franchised store locate just between 1-2 minutes driving distance. They are from the same owner. More Indians and Asians liquor stores are buying in bunk together, and they get good bargains.

I know the taste. The bottle opened for weeks, but the wine still taste great, and even better.
It is a sweet wine.

I went to the Tongariro National Park with this wine. I was expecting snow that time for the trip. And a good bottle of sweet wine is delicious for the snow flying evening and silent, pure white morning.
It is a wine for Christmas in winter.

Someone made a note of this wine.
On the palate it’s full and sweet, with rich plum cherry fruit supported by tannins that have some sandalwood accents, and as the richness of the fruit fades some warmth that continues at great length, while the fruit works from underneath to provide a sweet counterpart.

I will make it clear here.

Yes, it has warmth, but it is not Jammy. It is juicy plum.
It has smoothy tannin grip on the teeth. Remember the taste of plum again!
The woody notes is great.
You may fall in love with the woodyness, that is the texture. I created a word here.
It is not hard plum, not soft. Hard skin, juicy, luscious!
Like a person, he is not powerful, he is a man with femineity.
It smells alike a forest with sweet scent, which is located near the ocean.

Thank you, I see you next time.


Let’s taste some wine!


Currently I am recording my third video about wine tasting and people, which is on

This program would take the wine lovers to the next step of the spiritual meaning of the wine.  Like a person, a wine has its own character and personality, also stories, artworks, poetry and music.

I am talking about these things inside the wine to explore our human beings’ history and thinking.  All versions of stories are yours too, please do not hesitate to mention it.

I guess through this, we can reach some common interest in life.



Learning new things about Chinese prescriptives

Use the Chinese Arborvitae Twig water (侧柏叶) to rinse the shampooed hair to activate hair growing and nourish the hair. You may try to wash the hair by 皂角(Chinese Honeylocust Fruit).

Mix the 白芷 ( Angelica dahurica ) with the peach blossom to make a mask to whiten the skin; or make a liquor from both of them, drink daily and/or put on the face to reduce the 黄褐斑(Chloasma). Note also B vitamins are particularly helpful. B1 keeps circulation normal, which in turn contributes to healthy skin. B2 can actually eliminate brown aging spots on the skin, while B6 helps prevent eczema. Brewer’s yeast is a natural source of B vitamins. Ingest two tablespoons of dried brewer’s yeast each day for two weeks, and you will see a noticeable difference in skin tone.

茵陈 [yīn chén]
oriental wormwood; capillary artemisia
Make a pan cake from the oriental wormwood; or make a porridge of it for the benefit of liver and gallbladder.

Have the little nail-shaped cloves in the mouth to dispel the bad breath.

荠菜 [jì cài]
{植} shepherd’s purse
A wild Vegi, can be cooked to heal the dry eyes.

fritillary: put in the emptied core area of a pear, with ginger,
Chinese sichuanpepper, rock sugar, steam the whole pear, and eat to heal the cough.

Yú Xīnɡ Cǎo
Boil it like tea and drink it for boosting immunity, urinary infections, skin problems.

General wines choices for matching with a cheeses plate

A latest writing by Gregory Dal Piaz at Snooth talks about a general wine for a plate of different cheeses.  That is quite universal and does make a sense for all people.

First, he talked about Sheery and Marsala.

A fortified wine with a maturity of 10 years or more is matured and full of flavours, especially the soleras  as same did with Sherry, different vintages mixed together.

And the notes of marsala, such as almonds, dates and figs are all good for cheeses as you may find normally some nuts and dry prunes, which are put together with the cheese plate.  If you want some sweetness, you may have raisins too.  Mind here also the acidity and relatively light body makes the cheese have a real and strong taste, and which also brings about every freshness after each savour.

Talking about acidity, then the semi-dry wines of Champagne, sparkling wine or even Prosecco are all good for cheese; if some people like a little bit more sweetness ( I think the sweetness is better matched with creamy cheeses), then the Riesling, rose, even white Zin are all good for cheeses.  May not take the sweetness with blue cheese, which tastes so strong, you may taste the bitterness after sweetness.  I just imagine about herbs and olives and bread to eat between each savour, just let the taste buds have a little bit rest after each savour, that is what I mean, the bread takes away the heavy things on the tongue.  It is funny right, but that is not about all the perfectness of the blue cheese, the olive oil, crispy bread are all good.  Take out the grassy olive oil, it may add bitterness too.