Relax and be healthy

I took a hot shower, washed my hair, (almost for half of the year I used only bath) then relax, listening to music.

Inflatable bed which supports my back so well with those popping up spots design, a great thing I use, I feel the whole body uplifted. I relaxed my arms, stretched my legs. What a beautiful day! Warm sunlight passed on energy to my skin. I saw the blue sky with spiked palm leaves in the yard.

After using the grass coral plant, I guessed it, my intenstile and stomach get better and better.

I feel excited to get organic veggie for simple, diclious meals. I can rely on my cooking skill and ideas to feed well my life and finally be able to take care of my eldly grandpa. Get on the seasonal fresh products, go on the variations of cooking ways, keep everyday a special day by giving yourself and others superise.

Healthy thinking is great and being healthy is a great feeling.

I am prepared to cook gourmet potatoes, sweet and fragrant pumkins, and eat the pumkin seeds, the potato skins.  Why not, ask yourself. Life is full of possibles, changes.  I started a few years ago a sustainable lifestyle, living happier, feeling satisfied. Sometime your ambitions may take you somewhere, that is another good start again. And again and again, you learned the life.

Read my entrepreneurtourism, let my take you on a journey.


Ma Ma creek market

Every second Sat of each month, Mama creek market brings local fruits and organic veggie.

Beautiful day today, on the road, the purple colored red cabbage was harvested in barrel. Pumpkins stocked ed up, $1 each.

The bush flower smells awesome. Tiny creamy colored butterfly and bush bees were busy for nectar.

Pruned border plant came with purple flower which is quite pretty.

I can not deny the beauty of this flower, very delicate and blooming.

The vendor’s handmade soaps and candles were seducing to the amazed customers, a couple who were very much superised to find the smell was so pleasing.

A black headed white lamb in the pen was really cute, making callings.  It was bottle fed, only two weeks old, the mother died in the birth, at the last breath, she was still licking the new born lamb’s hair. A crystal water container was in the pen, shining, the lovely white haired lamb turned body in a way, I kneed down to look into its face, wondered to touch it.

A little grey haired puppy dog was quite old actually, 8 years old.  It was very calm when the owner lady was busy in talking. When she finished up, it just jumped to her leg up.  A few weeks ago, the original owner abandoned it as it bited naughty kids.

Fordsdale organic veggie, that is what I wanted to make a good lunch.

Potato, red onions are great. Spring onion and silver beet look fresh.  They are not cheap, as they are good stuff. Great deal is 3 large sized avacado, only $5. A familiar old lady selling avacado only was just close by. Every time we walked away and bought the avacado from the veggie booth, which made me feel award, why not buy from her, she must be feeling unwelcoming.

A small donut was hung up in a line in between booths. $50 cents each, it must be fun for the kid to try on to make it.

The hills looks peaceful with farm lands on both sides. Best spots for plants, handcrafts.

Beautiful set up of colorful table cloth, flags and hanging small bags.

The spider plants and antique style cups, fancy be putting together.

Talks of silver coins and war time photos would not stop at all in a book.

Here is the opposite backyard garden of the Mama creek shop.

The lady under the front gate of the community centre were selling marmalaid and desert.

Such a fruitful lemon tree with hanging fruits at the base branches. Well done pruning job. A few cuttings of top and side branches would be even better before and between the flowering season.

Fancy the border shade plant and the bell shaped pinky bush plant.

The shop sells homemade pie. A spot like this is very welcoming.

A little girl was rubbing a stone on a rock by the community centre. Pinky rock dust!

I made my day by cooking up the spring onion fried egg and silver beet,then wrapped them up in dumpling.

Tweed Heads

I can not wait to check out Tweed Heads. The valley is peaceful, hidden. The river is pretty long with hill and mountain back sitting.  Pretty hard thing is it belongs to NSW. Located at the border of NSW and Queensland, I do not know how much government would care much about it, though it is a haven for me.

Farming, art studio works, beaches, creek and river, national parks circled up, they are good as you go.  It reminds me Asian feeling in the valley.

Byron bay is not far. Buddhist temple, coffee plantation and vines are close to reach.

Close to the airport of Gold Coast, going to Asian countries by airasia is easy.

Australia has lots to offer, best beaches, long rivers, wines, unique fauna and flora, bush life, sunshine…

And earning money in Australia and spend in Australia is best, while spending in Asian country is your deal.

Lock up home and leave to travel is nonstoping for Aussies. Even we do not need a house, motor home traveling is so far so good, crossing the strait, by ferry to islands, seeking aura in the South, going to the polar world…

Adventuring is in the blood of Australia.

Main Range

Imagine, 20 million years ago, a volcano erupted,  lava flows formed the bulk of mountain ranges including Main Range while running plumes solided into rock cliff.

While lava flows covered some part of the Lockyer Valley and Fossifern Valley, the volcanic dust created fertile black soil for the farming land of valley.

Great Bauer’s organic potato grows at the foot of Mount Sylvia in the Lockyer Valley; while carrot grows vastly in the Fossifern Valley. Lockyer valley grows corn, pumpkin, cauliflowers, lettuce, soggrum, lurcene…The photo of Fossifern Valley was taken on the highway down the Gap.


Image of Bauer’s farm

Recently there was an open day just passed. It was end of July.

Horse riding in the Mt Sylvia is part of the bicentennial track of Australia. You could book with Bauer’s farm. It would be be fun.

Deeper into the valley down the Tenthill creek, the regional park in Lockyer valley, Glen Rock state forest is just a stone’s throw away to the Main Range.

The South East towns of Lockyer Valley, Laidley, Mulgowie and Thornton have back sitting view of Main Range.

The Cunningham’s crest lookout in Laidley gives great view of Lockyer Valley and Cunningham’s Gap.

So far, I visited the above mentioned places, I am happy to be close to the Main Range.






Talking about dreams, I have bucket list always in my mind, such as one month walking and cycling in Camino de Santiago (the way of St. James); one month traveling traveling in India by crossing over Butan and Nepal from China; travel from Ha Long Bay, down to Hu Zhi Ming, the go all the way up throug Mei Gong River to Tailand, up to the Xi Shuang Ban Na of China, further to the Lijiang, head for Shangarila, stay in the lower Tibet for one week; a trip to West China, the lace called Lanzhou, where my grandpa worked two years once in life, then head for Dunhuang for the Pinot noir vineyard, head to Xinjiang Province of China to stay for 2 weeks; a trip to Heilongjiang near the border of Russia to watch the fish catching by the Hezhe people, who shall be called small Eskimo people; a trip to Tianshan in China, West China haven, to visit the Yaochi.

In China, 2 long rivers dominate the Chinese map, one is called Yellow River, where high spirited people lives around there. Another is called Chiangjiang or Yangzi River. I had trips to cites or towns along the Yangzi River, such as Yangzhou and Hangzhou, Both of them are southern Chinese cities. The south River area is called fish and rice country with towns and cities built around the lakes, rivers. I had written about that in my “looking for gems in life”.

Leisurely life style is a thing such as the southern River life, infused with poetry, wine and calligraphs. Hard life is more intriguing, and it deserves exploring the terroir, lifestyle and mind. The cave life in the Shaan Xi area, where people sing, step up and beat the drum, the soul of Yellow River, the fighting and protecting spirits intertwined in the oil painting of Yellow River Ode.  The painter Chen Yi few, born in Ningbo, painted the Shanghai style life and River country’s Twin Bridge of Zhou Zhuang.

Dancing and singing family and friends celebrate together with picnic under the vines, or share the honey melon near the bonfire.  The dry, hot days,  freezing cold nights in Xinjiang province, Chinese Muslims kept their spirits high.

The Yellow River running through 9 provinces which includes Qin Hai, Nei Meng Gu, Ning Xia, Si Chuan, Gan Su, Shaan Xi, Shan Xi, He Nan, Shandong…

“Along the river during the Ching-Ming Festival” was a painting of the river side village life in the old days of Northern Song Dynasty, which described the prosperity of Bian River city, capital city Kaifeng at that time, the central plain land in China, He Nan province is the country of red dates.

The neighboring province Shan Xi, is the cradle of noodle country.

Fine, it would be some plans to go.



This morning I watched over three journey videos done by Jamie Logan.  He did well for the Luca in Italy.  I can not appreciate very well with the Shanghai and Ha Long Bay one. Maybe as an Asian, I am from Shanghai, I feel the commercial markets in Yuyuan does not show any characters of Shanghai people. I think as well, the indepth Asian lifestyle shall be more discovered. I alway have a fancy on Vietnam as well, the water life, the cooking, the “you can not beat” attitude in their ways of doing things.

Have said that, one of my my favorite chef Luke did a trip up the Ha Long Bay to neibouring countries, which is vibrant and vivid to express the feel and taste of Asia. Kelie Wang did a cooking program in the lanes of Shanghai, which was interesting as well. I highly recommend you guys to watch these two programs.

Travel is a thing to experience life. It is all about people and people. When we travel, we will and would meet some interesting people on the road or someone just sat beside you. This is the miracle, an amazing thing to make your day.

Said that, I went to Wuyi Mountain, in the train, I met people who were visiting friends in another stop. They would talk about their college matters…People heading for Shenyang were actually going to the great grass plateau of north China. It was about the dream they had and what they were doing now, which connects you to what you think about China.

I avoided the traffic in the north gate of the Wuyi mountain, the track was much more beautiful to wander along than the quick trail bus. The tea plantation valley was much more enjoyful without crowded travelers, which smelt better too.

It meant you can creat a poetic moment by the way you choose. That is the attraction of adventure as well.



Lockyer National Park

We did a Lockyer Rim track a month ago.  Today I searched online and found the site of wikilog which leads us to the Red Cliff and Red Rock track in the Murphys creek area.

Both these tracks are not marked yet.   They do have a parking area. It seems that the organization of “Land for Wildlife” is still working on the roads and bush work.  The two tracks could be done as a loop by walking down the cliff of the Red Cliff track, down the creek bed, then walk all the way left to the side of Red Rock, and return through a gravel way back to the car park. I had one concern only. We climbed back the cliff to the car park and walked down the gravel road to the Red Rock and found out the “No through Road” “Private Property”, which made us very nervous to go down further, we took the left path and kept away from the rough roofed property.

It has a smaller dry creek bed in the Red Rock area, so if you did the Red Cliff, this part is more for hideaways, with open road easy to access, while the Red Cliff is really a challenging rock walk with great bush feeling, by walking between rocks and bushes.

The road to the car park is pretty good, bushes are flush in this crest of Lockyer National Park.

The driving part of bush to the Paradise Creek car park. We parked the van on the left empty space and walked 2 minutes down to the car park. 3G still works here. I guess the large house facing the valley just next to track is used for conservation work.

That was the first time I saw this fluffy bushy plant.

The Red Cliff track is on the right side of the car park. You will see the red cliff from the platform soon. From there, you would go down the hill to the Fifteen miles creek.

In Australia, you could check out lots of “paradise road or creek”, I tell you this place is really a gem.

Look on this forest from the hilltop, in between is a paradise creek bed with pond, sand, creek, rocks and vegetations, full of wild life such as fish, frog.

Beside the pond, people did a bonfire in the sand.

Tadpoles swimmed in the water hole of rock bed. The cliffside pond was deep with floating green alga, which tiny little fish just swimmed along.

The creek itself is full of fish, some grown with a size of human hand length.

The rock, sand and vegetation made a Buddhism zen nature art.

Palm trees, umbrella water plant, sand plants are exceptional to the native bush.

The blooming bee attracting plant.

The tiny blossom of wildflowers.

A rare thorny weed.

Climbed back, the bushy rocks. We made sticks mark to the up track.

The Red Rock track had beautiful mint bush flowers.

From the crest to the road, a view of mountain range.

Back to the Murphys creek road, we headed for highfields.  Stout horses with big hoofs were interesting to see.

Up in the high countryside, the weather started to be cold and windy. We rushed for a cracked chicken meal with hot chips. The William park track, Highfields fall, Brindabelle country garden roses and Blue mountain heights view would be great to have a go if you are in that area. Magnolia flowers are very much a beauty to check out at the garden. We did a walk in Spring Bluff on 16th July, camellia and azalea were just great see at the station cafe. From Murphy creek road to highfields, you shall drive through the road to the station. 

Headed to Toowoomba to get some Asian groceries, back home I went straight to cook a spicy tofu dish to have a proper meal to warm up.