Make this summer drink!

To make this Sangria punch, I used several red wines. I prefer more sweet wine. Kiwi, apple, orange, mandarin all cut up and soaked in the wine. I made some lavender syrup to mix if people like more sweetness. It is a help yourself drink. Easy! Put it in the fridge to keep cool. Prior to one week, you can take away all the fruits, otherwise it would taste a little bitterness. You can pour a little brandy or sparkling wine for more taste.



Cocktail from foraged food

These days I am reading Johhn Wright’s book on Booze. He is one of my favourite wild food forager. Not only the cocktail from wild foods are tasty with wild aromas, but they are beneficial to our body as well, such as a haw gin is good for blood pressure control. He has even a trick of making smoked sloe gin by squirting smoke through a drink. The smoke could be from the mix of oak chips, orange, cinnamon stick, cloves.

Cocktails could be made from elderflower vodka, rose petal vodka…

A Piña Colada would be made from Gorse flower white rum, which has coconut flavour and an undertone of pineapple.

Crab apple and haw fruit leather to make a sherry-like infusion.

Cheery brandy has almond flavour from the stone. Rosehip vodka has a distinct note of vanilla. Both are very useful in mixing a cocktail.

My imagination is to make aromatic cocktail, such as using rose water to make ice cubes, a drop of limoncello, a dip of rosemary…

We Chinese has a tradition of making foods from wild products, such as spring time eating Biennial Wormwood and Rice Cake and Pine Pollen power and Rice Cake, both of them are producing in April, when Chinese go to the graves to present these foods to ancestors.

In Auckland, you can easily find a place to pick up pine pollen. For me, I would pick up fresh new pine needle, to cook with water to collect the essence, which could be a kind of mint to give a throat freshness, of course it is more beneficial to skin and health.

To be continued…

How to make a mulled wine

A mulled wine is good for winter.

Press out some orange juice, cut half an orange, some lemon peel, put all together in a pot, put in some sugar, heat to dissolve.

Put into the pot the Bay leaf, cinnamon stick, cloves, nutmeg power, star anise and pure in the Georgian wine, slowing cooking for 7-10 minutes, add some vanilla essence (or vanilla bean earlier with the spices).

It is done. Drink when it is warm. Smell a lot of cinnamon and orange. Taste awesome, nice sweetness with spices. Pour back to the Georgian wine bottle for storage.




How to make Limoncello

Golden lemons in the yard.

Pick 10 lemons and wash it under the tap.
Take only the thin peel without the white part.
Put them in a jar and pure in one liter of vodka.
Save them in a shady place.

Shake them every week, after 2-3 weeks, take them out.
Filter out the peels.

Mix 6 cups of sugar with 5 cups of water.
Dissolve them on the heat then cool down to become a syrup.

Pour in the vodka liquid with the syrup.
After mixing, one liter of vodka becomes 4-5 bottles of limoncello.
Saving them for one month after all the sugar dissolves.

Enjoy the limoncello with cake, fruit salad, lemon and lime pie or just as an aperitif or after dinner as a desert for digestion.