To appreciate, be tender to life

One old couple said to the kitchen team, “thank you so much for the breakfast! We enjoyed it very much!”

Facing the graphs of elephant I felt my tears. The breakfast is very nice, bits of fennel herbs, a cup of coffee with cinnamon…

Visited the God of Elephant temple yesterday, a compassion of companionship was forged. Woven bit by bit to the fondness of elephant, an intelligent animal as well as emotional and be naughty…

Yesterday at the market, I noticed local people eat more veggie than port meat. While veggie costs only 1 dollar something, a heavy bag of pork meat costs around 5 dollars, which is very affordable. 1 pc of fried chicken meat is 1 cent.

There are lots of veggie choices…some of them we do not use much in our dish, so I took photos…

Chiang Mai is a nice place. Coconut palm, banana, Longan tree, galandar which has beautiful white flowers for pray to Buddha.

Farm lands has separate house for Buddha. Egrets hover alike balloons.

Home has Buddha. They grow veggie in the homeland also by the road.

We are heading out today to the highest peak of Thailand, the National Park, where the most famous king and queen temples locate.

Most home has a poster of King with also family photos around. Thailand people make wraps of rice, fresh bbq fish, dry fish, crispy port skin or fat…

They eat part of banana shoots alike artichoke, cook with Tamarind.

Mango tree, Papaya, Durian are grown for home consumption.

They love to have tiny fishes in small pond at the front house, also pots of plants around a happy Buddha or sculpture of elephant, the foundation of life sources.

Peaceful land, artful chairs, five-finger palm shaped leaves…

Mountain ranges, high-up fan shaped palms bountiful food..juicy pineapples; plenty of fresh flowers…

A group of Keran people from Burma moved south to Thailand and live in camp at different places of Chiang Mai. Rod from Australian teaches English to Keran people and bring them to Australia.

A village of Keran in the National Park includes around 200 persons survived by growing rice from May to October, also planting and selling arabian coffee bean trees and lychee, cotton weavings.

We had more alike a vegetarian lunch with fried egg and chicken. The veggie morning glory is used as a natural straw in Cambodia.

We sat with an Indonesian family and Rod. Rod was explaining to them the food, people and education system. Well, he said living in Australia is easy and peaceful, nothing against the government…

Fern and separate house hanging there, banana trees over the creek, and a big tree next the house, it is a chill place with view.

A lady was weaving flowers by leaf…



Keran Village

Keran Village

Queen’s Temple

Top of King’s temple

Royal garden


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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