What life is about?

Coffee is strong here.

This morning I had a session of the first start of Compassionate listening with meditation and sunlight focus, a little notes beside. I enclosed myself in a studio to read again a PDF file first.

Then I left for a sunbath, oil massage, then totally released for a good swimming and yoga.

An Indian told me his family went to the islands of Scotland, the karma Bavaria, Phuket resort, all happy and nice nice.

I saw one year couple and one mid-aged couple today. They were hanging out for lunch, relaxing…

Now facing this noisy street but cool coffee bar, I am reflecting back the message of the session what I listened.

Unfolding a friendship journey is not easy as you need to trust, be open and be vulnerable.

This morning I was watching a talk by a strong lady on the topic about how you want to be loved. It is about Loving the perfect yourself! And never compromise in relationship.

In the compassionate listening session, we first talk about what the challenge ahead for you?

While the music of Babylon is on, I think I can talk a bit of challenge and the boundaries.

Lots of time, I said life is an adventure. Today I think inner strength is more important. I would like to explore my inner voice and speak out the inner me.

Life is about relationship, care and love! Please do not stop there! Dedication, innovation and make yourself feel better are other expressions. Self-indulgent, me time, my desk time, my thinking, writing time, and just be yourself.

Nurture yourself and self-compassion, soothing, have peace with you…

See you what to see, and do not be scared to find yourself in bad moods or feelings. Take these as practices to face life.

Out of hotel door, my first observation is the water-lily flower.

Walked into a lane as I observed a shady road by lush banana plantations, feel the way and follow your instinct, stop the local shops and small family restaurants.

The dry food packs and spices are hung there such as smoked fish, cracker…

Try the sour taste from the lemon, and mix the crunchy raw onion, pickled veggie with a curry noodle, some strong spices, some crispy crackers, and a bit of fish sauce…

Try something new, make new friends…

An old lady I met at the shop met me again in the local market and she invited me to her place to have a look. She grows something very unique, including the water-lily, tiny fishes in the long cement tube.

She showed me some unique flowers…

I saw the lushness of the village edge.

And, the local village lane has lots of plants and a few roosters walking on the frame…

Some colorful village houses…

A village without market and temple, never…




In one sentence, be earthy, be passionate, be honorable!

In another meaning, it shall be be calming, be compassionate, be graceful!

Pamper yourself!

Get a medicinal feet massage and get back to the hotel which smells like a heaven access the gate.

Be encouraged, be inspired, be embraced that was the day I felt. And I had great good sleep with open window, and good words in mind…

To learn, to nourish, to grow…


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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