Chiang Mai

I arrived in Chiang Mai last night and was picked my Karma van from the airport to Karma Chang hotel next to the Ping river. A 15 minutes driving from the airport to the hotel, I had a feeling of suburb townhouse stay.

It was 6pm. Not so may people in the bar and lobby, I had a passion fruit drink while checkin. I feel alike to have a swimming first. While I got into the hotel room and got air condition on, I changed my mind. It was not warm. I do not feel alike eating. The night expanded into my body and mind. I need relaxing and a hot bath.

The night was friendly to me. The warm beaming light from the top roof was welcoming. The studio next to my room was cozy. The steps of the hotel look alike Old Shanghai. The night feeling made me feel a bit of house feeling. A hotel hotel looks alike a home for me to stay long enough to embrace all the small things. I checked out the balcony, the fridge and the bathrooms. Safe here, I put wood block bar into the door and turn off the lights in the living room while leaving a small light there; also closed my room door and shower room door and put the air containing to 25 degree to keep warm by myself.

I sat with my desk to check out the welcome package.

I turn on the hot water to the bath. Unlikely it was not very hot and the shower was just warm, not hot.

My bed is very soft and warm, best thing for me now is to sleep. Say goodbye to the world and prepare for my training of Compassion listening the next day.

Though I feel a bit of loneliness in such a spacious place, big room, big shower room, an extra public toilet in the living room if seems I would never use it as though. Watched a bit of “the wedding crasher”, I closed the curtains and prepared to get into the bed.

It was the morning made me feel alike I am living again. The morning rooster crows, the bird chirping, I was walking in the studio to work on the computer and tried to get some work to do, such as email and youtube. Accounting setting and protection just made things complicated. I fetched two DVD, one of about Tom Hank who I like as a good actor and a “Love happens”.

Please check on this video to see the birds and villa.

I was texting to my friend and prepared to book room service for the breakfast. The movie was very nice, compassionate enough to keep my mind on while I keep making today’s arrangement. I texted and I make small tasks as making the bed and kept my stuff well organized in the cabinet and my tea bag and cups left to kitchen. I phoned to the bar and asked for room service of breakfast. And I waited. He was saying very politely and nicely and I prepared my scarf to be ready to fetch the meal later on.

The light in the corridor was warm and bright, then I heard the birds.

I was surprised to see so many pigeons, red and grey, and some small birds flying. Such a gift of life, which made the palm tree, roof and banana trees and bush, river and white wall all in harmony.

I feel I am blessed and feel excited…

I took the video and felt alike to go out to the bar to eat.

I went into the lounge and find the karma stories. As a member, my breakfast is included in the accommodation package. I sat on the high above seats under the tree, next to the flood, with all the breath and kindness to the morning glory.

I kept watching on the ripples and talked with the attendant. He asked me what to do today.

I told him my girl wants to get extra essential oil and she knew a place called “let’s relax” in the town and the hot stone oil massage made a difference in her expectation. She felt awesome with relaxing oil and the oil aromatherapy before the bedtime.

I shall just go and grab a car to the town.

So my compassion listening practice was paused now. Had a full meal and English breakfast tea. I was thinking the relaxation idea was actually part of my own compassion work.

I did last nigh my own relaxation and self-soothing.

I was now sitting in Starbucks and wrote about this. The street here has noise as well as peace.

Just a bit odd for me as I can easily slip.

I booked a trip to Chiang Rai tomorrow whole day and Spa this afternoon. I wait for the hot stone therapy as well.

I am again talking about compassionate listening. And I shall read back and check in…

just finish here now….

This guy was siting and talks. Everyone is making plans here in the town.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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