Discover all your favorite things, your career, friends, love, books, art, movies, music, and then sum up a word from your personal world. Today my word is “inspire”. I want to inspire people, inspire ourselves, and inspire the world. From discovery to compassion, from compassion to embrace; from hug to inspiration. Find the baton in the world, stay away from those negative influences, make yourself an influential person, become the one who becomes every day and not just an entrepreneur; you must not only create the freedom of wealth, but also create the soul Freedom; you not only have to create new opportunities, but also create new possibilities. Life is full of possibilities, and only you understand your mission and your difference and determination! What do you want to do, what do you want to do? Find what you need, not what you want; find what you desire in your heart, not the envy of your eyes. Don’t envy others, be yourself, be the best you can. New Year I want to go to Austria to study tourism entrepreneurship courses; I want to participate in the tourism project competition; I want to encourage more people to discover the journey of life!

I remember a movie Catherine acted as a reporter and she found out a lion man. I visited a school for deaf-mute and I became friends of young students there. I came to Christian church and played ping-pa with nuns and the father and watched how the “bread of Christ” was baked. I went to church and took photos for preachers who wear white clothes.

I did one day’s study in a Buddhism temple and be with the monks and ate together.

I understand the connections of compassion, companionship. Be yourself there and embrace this beautiful world.

My grandpa’s father is a word man, a leader and had an influence as a patriarch. My grandfather is a hardworking, dedicated and diligent man. Grandma’s father was a business man. Grandma was an entrepreneur. My father, uncle, auntie are business people. My eldest auntie is a school master who holds too much into being successful. The kids from my grandparent all love music and did all the best in schools. Who am I? I was the proud grandkid by my grandma. I was fostered by grandparents. I was the bamboo shoots outside the wrapping.

A windy day with black clouds…soaring heart does not end.


The healing power of nature

As I said before, my back yard garden has two small lakes. The Feng Shui ideas of two lucky round balls, reflecting blocks and golden color building, a river connecting to the mountain, then another river in horizontal crossing over the land of our back side, then the two lakes mean something…

The pattern of the lakes create a balance to river’s turn about.

There are two vertical rivers and one horizontal one here. On the left, it is the mountain called Jiufeng Mountain; on the bottom right it is the ocean.

Here it is a Five-needles pine tree which can tolerate harsh wind and dryness. In this parking lot, wind blows between the space of buildings. Also there is wind break cypress and fir trees at the back yard garden which I could show you later on.

So when I choose where to live, I chose the river and garden and I observe the best Fengshui. So everyday, no mater cloudy and sunny, I can watch the sky, river and people.

And I want to feel alike a soaring bird in the sky to breakthrough the wind and rain. I watch the sunset, moon and stars. Surround my living place with river gives me a feeling of liveness as a fish in the river.

I listen to Omar Akram’s music “surrender”Free as a Birdat night.

I think we shall not hold angers, resentment in our heart, hold only compassion, appreciation for relationship and nature. Actually we took a lot from Mother Nature and the aesthetics, mathematics and logic are in the nature. The beauty of nature comes as a salvation and real security. The sound of nature soothes our heart, awaking our minds and clearing the toxin in the brain. By pushing away the passiveness of our fragile spirit and vulnerable soul, we learn to fly above…

Land story

It is my grandpa’s land, which has the tall building now in this photo.

The river here was the water way for my grandpa to row a cement boat. The river was our swimming pool in childhood. Now on the bank there is an Olympic swimming pool and a hotel named after China’s female Volleyball Team.

Along the walking way, I smell the osmanthus flowers.

Along the river bank, I find this tall cypress which grows alike a circled up dragon at the late stage.

This very much old dandelion reminds me the old days when Chinese like to dig up them as wild food.

This calligraphy shows my village name which is in the center of our town; in the middle of all commercial world now.

My town Beilun is well known for plant nursery. On the street I find the camellia and rhododendron.

Now I am almost back home.

I sit in a coffee shop and enjoy the blue berry cake. Approaching new year, local Chinese are busy with preparing little new year dinner which means some of people are dealing with live chicken now. Everyone is busy with meals and invite family members.

At this time of year, we talked about the people in our memories. I listened and I had tears for those family story and people who I even never met before.

Life is wonderful and we memorize all the good and bad things… I feel sad and I feel compassions. There are bitterness in family things and also those poor years. Today we have abundance of food and life.

Those old days, my grandpa was nicknamed Cat as he can catch lots of fish by nets. A few days after I was born, we have electric lights in the village. The old day’s marriage was dealt with dowry. Having a bicycle is a luxury.

Younger auntie, me and sister and brother also helped with rice harvesting with Grandpa. Grandpa and uncle pushed a cart to sugarcane to market to sell. Grandpa bought my uncle a noodle for 5rmb but grandpa did not spend for himself.

Only at special days, we can have pork meat. It is a society story. You are not allowed to have your own pig and you must all work in the field collectively. My grandfather was a leader in production and he has to collect some left over rice droppings to feed the family, even for that he must hide in his little pocket. He is a very small man but he is a hard worker and very smart. He hates lazy and stupid persons. He saved a man from the river by roping himself to get deep down to get the drown person. He was really strong willed. He carried on all the family works.

The land was his artworks. He grew everything, watermelon, veggie, rice. Everything look very tidy and was best taken cared of. He was just doing great. In my memory, I tasted the best corn grown by my grandpa and I did a few rope making and celery wrapping days.

Now all village people has shares in the property as our village has billions of money, all invested into hospitals and hotels and shops.

Chang Bai health

Recently, my sister went to north of China, Yan Ji, where the Chang Bai Mountain is. Before she went, she gave me the Changbai Ginseng, so I steamed it with a pigeon. The soup tasted awesome. The red roots stuff is the ginseng.

Today, my mom has teeth inflammation, so I find out my stock of dandelion roots. It is very very cheap, from Chang Bai mountain.

From such a good environment, the dandelion root is good as natural antibiotic. I told my mom stop doing the antibiotics intravenous injection. I feel sorry for her getting old and get body weak. Today in China, elderly people are really suffering from blood high pressure and diabetes. My grandpa lived to the age of 95. He has hypoglycemia. Before 90, he was very strong and flexible in body.

Finally, we all need to take care of our body. Our flesh gets breakdown easily and slowly worked out. you. A good diet, exercise, and good environment and relationships are very important for us!

I just think the place where we can nurture ourselves is good to know. And we usually pray for our health as we love ourselves. I pray to those mountains and florals which gives a connection to the goodness. Traditional cooking method is also a way of connection to the good old life. And learning to be relaxing with our open mind and be alert to what is happening around us is good for our brain.

I looked out at the sky, dim light and hazel colored clouds. And I looked down to the river, tree and people from my high rise flat, I feel it is a warm winter and some places alike Australia and New Zealand (now summer) get really glazed with over-heat.

I wish we get our body get well adjusted to changes. I told my sister she shall try some wood frog’s fallopian tube or Hasma. Those wood frog loves in the creek under the snow in Chang Bai Mountain. It is a precious nutritional food for Chinese. She said she did try some. I also ask her to use velvet which is also very good for woman. She said she is trying to get used to the new environment because her body can not acclimate to the new place, then she can get the nutrients stuff into the body. The northern home always has heaters inside, so it gets too dry in air for southern Chinese coming to visit there.

Anyway, I wish her have a good Chinese lunar new year there.

A day out for fun

A sunny, beautiful day today.

A day for balloon and kite.

I went to local parks. The swallows swiftly fly over the trees.

Willow trees has new sprouts.

Camellia shines its beauty high above you can reach.

Lamei plum trees has beautiful blossoms.

An amateur drama singer has three Huqin accompaniment players . Yueju is our local drama. Another player is hidden on the right side of bush.

I was so amused by people how they dance. They stretch their arms so straight up!

The guy in blue shirt heads up, chest up. People said he danced naturally. They also said the man kept a fist dance from woman by using a force by belly strained up.

Approaching Chinese Lunar New Year, food becomes an obsession on the street.

The three things mankind manipulate

The darkness of mankind is we stay in the mankind, fight among mankind, grabbing supreme over others…

Three corners of darkness to be searched.

Firstly, human rights vs Human power

A man’ power can wipe out other people’s will, no good to talk about that. Given that power, ignoring the rights of others is alike stepping over the dead body.

Secondly, collectiveness vs heroism

An honor belongs to a collective of high above and the doers.

An heroism comes from your bottom heart of conscience which is highly regarded but the collective honor is more important. Then you feel nothing and belittled by the big mankind, the kindness towards you to appraise seems alike mosquito’s blood over the network.

Thirdly, desire vs power

To have money is one thing; to show money above the power is a shame. You can order a ghost to move the mill with your money, that is a manipulative power to call on evils to do things for you!

Before, it was Power, desire, money these three mountains block you from self will and freedom. Now it is rights, heroism, value which we are looking for.

if we say before we are working alike donkeys all round a big work of turning mill; now we become alike puppet.

To go beyond human limitations and boundaries, we can work for ourselves. Well, being puppet, we have to entertain and make fun of ourselves. Black humor, is not it?

Give them three things, they do it from inside out

I can summarize a few life habits of Chinese as I feel and see.

Firstly, Chinese like to practice inner Qi energy exercises, such as Taiji which could be done alone or by a group. Given a garden, there would be Chinese slowly doing their energy works.

Secondly, Chinese like to drink warm water. They carry their own bottles when they travel.

Thirdly, they like to farm. Give them a small piece of land, they started grow veggies.

These three life habits are in the gene of Chinese.

Today one Chinese, a person with a quite proud family background and stayed overseas for many years, he said he refused to be a citizen of the eight countries while he sticks on being a Chinese by holding a Chinese passport.

He said, “As Chinese, it is best to live in China as living in another country means you are a second citizen.”

I said to him, “we are not racist. it does not matter with your race and your religion, what it matters is that you have your own integrity and you still have heroism in your own heart.”

And “if you are a Christian, we are all equal before God.”

The three life habits have their meaning for me.

First gives me smile and peace. Chinese focus and work on the inner energy!

Second one means the basic things alike water gives a soothing energy for Chinese. That is good!

Thirdly, they nurture the mind by farming and be a bit of self-sufficient as well.

So if you gift them a land, Chinese have their spirit in this home land and that is the return of life sources.

I am now sitting in a train and observe the lands.