Moon Lake

Here we are, on the street of Yingfen street, find the tablet of Moon Lake “水则碑”, where you can start to visit the “Baokuixiang Constructions 宝奎巷建筑群” , “Moon Lake 月湖“ , “Yintai Ge 银台阁”.

Along this lane, through the short bridge on the left, you can find the “Sun Hao” house, a patriot house.

Inside the Shi Hao House, we can find a commercial tea house with an open sky glass design, furnished with Chinese tea room furnitures and paintings.

If you do enjoy in a Hutong Style, old house in the lane, you can try again here the “Jinhui” village.  Find here the old “Kui” tree, and the tea house called “Yun Ren Fang 云人坊”,  also you can visit the Himalaya Radio company opposite the tea house.  The Radio company has an open roof yard, where you may enjoy a cup of tea with broadcasting people and listen to their stories of life in Ningbo, and do remember to visit their recording rooms.

Just next to the Moon Lake Park, there is the village entrance.

Follow the lane of “Yinli 锦里巷”, find the number 3, that is the office of Himalaya Radio.

You can stay in the village for a lunch stop or photography, reading time, coffee time. There is a book store and coffee house called “枫林晚书店”. You can visit the second floor to have private meet up with friends and have a cup of tea.

The ground floor of the book store has coffee service, cabinets with lots of books and open tables.

Have fun in this village! It has maple tree, nice old style buildings and sculptures.

The main part of “Moon Lake” is the Yintai Ge 银台阁”. It may take about half an hour to visit this grand rich people’s old residence and museum.

The middle island of the Moon Lake is called “Fangcao Zhou 芳草洲”. It has a few pavilions. People come here for wedding photos and old time fashion make-up photos. We find here a squirrel, which is very scare to watch.

Also you can be educated about the Ningbo Commercial Cultural People and world Ningbo people organization map.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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