Chenghuang Temple in Shanghai

The old tea house in Shanghai.

Shanghai is amazing! This old tea house locates in the Chenghuang Temple shopping area, in the middle of the lake and Jiuqu Bridge. The famous Yu Garden, classic Jiangnan style private garden is just next the corner.

Let us watch some videos of the Chenghuang Temple shopping area, the old pavilion, and one hundred years old food brands and shops.


Let us watch a little bit of the Chuanjian Road over the Yongjiang River in the Heyi Avenue shopping area.

The beautiful bridge is Yongjiang Bridge.

There is heritage site, modern cinema, lux shops, western style restaurants on the bank of Yongjiang River. A famous Ningbo South and North Commerce meeting building in the garden of this shopping area is a typical Ningbo old history building.

Heyi Avenue 和义大道

A day in Shanghai

Anfu Road

This is a road with lots of foreigners’ residence buildings and shops, next to Huashan Road, where I lived more than 15 years when I first arrived in Shanghai, now I visit again to feel the difference. I knew before it had lots of good coffee shops and wine shops. It changed a bit to be more carefree. Also the Spanish Cultural Centre and Economic and Commerce Centre has a library on the second floor.

Fuxing Road

Fuxing Road has lots of restaurants and cafe, where you can find a ham shop, supermarket for imported stuff, river crab retails.

Nanjing Road has more coffee shops and bakeries. Here Village 127 is a great bakery shop with great coffee as well.

Jingan Sculpture Park is next to the Shanghai Natural History Museum.

The Spanish ham bar located in Yanping Road close to Jingan District, where lots of foreigners also reside. I had a great ham breakfast experience.

Old restaurant is also great to visit here.