Italy travel plan

Promotion is on from Karma Group.  Book before end of August and travel before end of Oct.





I decided to add on travel and other reading subject into this club.


To inspire more people, to mentor, to teach, that is our mission.


My role model is Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Teresa of Calcutta and I believe in Catholic.  One believes in love, “Spiritual life was an attitude of love, not a rule”.  She believed in work, not in begging.   Mother Teresa believes to give “wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor”.

我的偶像是二位圣人特瑞莎,我信仰天主教。前位圣人相信爱,“精神生活是爱的态度,而不是规则”。 她信奉工作而不是乞讨。后位圣人相信给予,“全心提供免费的服务给穷人中最穷的。”