Being close to Chinese culture

I was feeling a bit lost, being a bit far away from God, when I returned to china and I had an accident.  An electric bike with a couple and a kid sitting at the front went wrong way and speedily bumped into my left feet while I stepped down from the platform of a bus station.  They were avoiding a big truck and could not make a stop.  Bad luck, it was.  Now I must pick up good luck again.  We went to a small eatery by wheelchair and took some photos.

Here I would like to show you some bonsai and decoration, a style we call harmony of life.


You may find here tea tree flower, golden fish, Chinese orchid, bonsai plum tree, a Chinese paper fan pattern designed framework for small article decoration.   Images of lotus pod on the wall shows a peace of mind in fruit.

We ordered dumpling with fillings of fresh “Ji Cai”,  a green veggie which also grows wildly in the field in spring.  Traditionally people like to dig up wild Ji Cai to cook with rice cake.  It was called the most flavorsome wild veggie. 

“Cao Tou” is also another wild veggie, which looked alike three leaves grass.  We cook it with Shao Xing rice wine. Now it just finished the best growing season.  Now it is the right season for spring bamboo shoots and new tea before Gu Yu, agricultural season names.

Spring is the best season to have lots of wild foods, which I will explain in another writing.