Springair to Zhuhai

Just returned from a trip to Zhuhai by Springair. Zhuhai is a wonderful city, great food, good people, people mix from inland.   It has fresh sea air and the voice of tides.

The trip from Shanghai Hongqiao airport is on 7:05am, which I felt too early as the number 10 metro starts the earliest shift on 5:56am.  The flying time was on time, and I arrived in Zhuhai with great mood.  Real palm trees, bushy plants, a clean and green city as I think from the first steps I landed in the airport.

Lianhua road is the Main Street in the city where crowds of business, hotel, open eateries, restaurant, small markets and lanes may amaze you at the first visit.  I took photos of local small business and people on the streeet.  Knocking off oysters, making spice fillings for Bin Lang chewy fruits, street eating, those are great funs.

The local dry food are collected together to sell, which could be sea snails, bambo, sausages and dry meat.  Hunan people seems alike love setting their food business in Zhuhai.

Here are sauces from Hunan province.

Chicken and pig’s stomach soup with Chinese medicines is a special dish from Guangxi province.

The seaside walking way is great to meet people and to have a relaxed afternoon.

Zhuhai is located just opposite Macau, the gambling city of China. Foreigners and travellers coming from overseas go to Macau for holidays, then have fun in Zhuhai too.  Massage services, nice food, entertainments, those are accessible in Zhuhai.

The flight back to Shanghai delayed 30 minutes as of avoiding air affects.  I still like about the Springair and Zhuhai.  It is kind of international city with food attraction and tennis club in the Hengqin New District, another free zone trade island.

Finnaly , it was the sight of the Springair craft and the pretty good cabin food.