Dong Pan Shan (Dongpan Hill)

It is interesting to understand a village office could be changed into an Information Centre for local tourism, which means the whole village is prepared to show what they can offer, in this case, they have hilltop tea plantation, countryside dishes prepared by the local houses (a tourism name “Nongjiale”, which means “Happy Farmhouse”), and forest walkway to temples, local memorials and rest places.

Today we went to the seaside town Chunxiao.  Known as a new developed district for Meishan free trade island project, the old industrial area was environmentally managed, new luxurious residential real estates were all built up along the Mingyue Lake next to sea.  New bus stations were under construction. The local Yangsha Hill is under new construction development. 

A 1.88 Km length man made beach were under three levels of sand coverings for the first stage.

The old seaside watergate has a long walking way with inner lake and river system.   The sea water is not clear here.  You can imagine the man made beach shall have a few process prior for desilting.

The river bank has great vegetation and tree plantations with parks on both sides.

A varieties of butterflies could be seen foraging the wild flowers.  You could see some erosion issues here, with top slopes full of creeping plants, lower bank was washed up, so a few trees were planted.

Every year in this time of the season, we have typhoons, landslide could happen.  I saw the bamboo forest had an earlier mud-rock flow in the Dongpan Hill. Though the dam water could dry up a bit now as we saw in the bus on the way here.

I really appreciate the hilltop tea plantation in the branch of Dongpan Hill.

We would like to mention that two immigrant workers from Anhui province gave us an electric bike hitch hike up the hill. One bike took me up more than half way up the hill.  Another bike does not have enough power to take my sister after the second climb, and both bike owners finally pushed their bikes up. We would like to thank them for their sincerity and help.  They has worked in our district as house builders for 15 years and did their contribution to our town in their youth.

The tea house gate keeper is a very kind local elder.  He was reading a local herbal study book, which was a gift from a local hospital.  A history of 49 years in tea plantation, this hilltop would be set up for tea appreciation.  House construction here was controlled by the state.  

This forest has native palm tree, sweet-scented osmanthus, bamboo.

Wild flowers, big grass-hoppers, nursery-grown plants, this small village would have you leave with fresh mind.

Farmers here make more money from nursery beds of plants than veggies.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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