Mid Autumn

After 8 years overseas stay, this year my first family togethering for Chinese Moon Festival was a great event for Happiness.

When the  sweet-scented osmanthus starts to fill the cool evening with warm feeling, the early harvested mandarin sends pure sweet smell from peels, time comes for Mid Autumn, the season for celebration after old time farmers’ harvest, when sometime the typhoon comes.  Two typhoons arrived this time, the first happened just after the day of Moon Festival on 15th Sept., all day raining and floods before the mid night, after the tide was down, all pumps and dams worked together to dispel the city street water out, some lower leveled places had to wait for the next day’s half morning time to let water run out.

This year I found out lots of  Senna surattensis trees with yellow and pink flowers blooming in the tall tree, great view from top towers.

The Second typhoon moved away to Japan after a few hours’ heavy wind blowing in my city.

Then people wait for one week’s holiday from 1st Oct to 7th Oct. 

October is called Golden Automn, yellow and red leaves for color enjoyment. People would climb the hills for maple leaves.  Gold sweet-scented osmanthus comes late with great aroma and golden flowers, picnic under the profound scented tree shall be very much fascinated.

Wine and cakes made from sweet-scented osmanthus are seasonal delight.

The meaty River crab with rich roe comes in November.

Autumn leaves in Japan are still fresh until the end of Nov.

Budget airline from China, Springair promotes cheap ticket deals to Japan, starts from 1-9 rmb plus tax. Based in Changzhou, it provides direct flights to Japan. Fly also from Shanghai to Thailand cities of Bangkok, Phuket and other Asian cities.

Westair, another new budget airline company based in Chongqin and Zhengzhou promotes cheap tickets from Wulumuqi to Singapore.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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