Dong Pan Shan (Dongpan Hill)

It is interesting to understand a village office could be changed into an Information Centre for local tourism, which means the whole village is prepared to show what they can offer, in this case, they have hilltop tea plantation, countryside dishes prepared by the local houses (a tourism name “Nongjiale”, which means “Happy Farmhouse”), and forest walkway to temples, local memorials and rest places.

Today we went to the seaside town Chunxiao.  Known as a new developed district for Meishan free trade island project, the old industrial area was environmentally managed, new luxurious residential real estates were all built up along the Mingyue Lake next to sea.  New bus stations were under construction. The local Yangsha Hill is under new construction development. 

A 1.88 Km length man made beach were under three levels of sand coverings for the first stage.

The old seaside watergate has a long walking way with inner lake and river system.   The sea water is not clear here.  You can imagine the man made beach shall have a few process prior for desilting.

The river bank has great vegetation and tree plantations with parks on both sides.

A varieties of butterflies could be seen foraging the wild flowers.  You could see some erosion issues here, with top slopes full of creeping plants, lower bank was washed up, so a few trees were planted.

Every year in this time of the season, we have typhoons, landslide could happen.  I saw the bamboo forest had an earlier mud-rock flow in the Dongpan Hill. Though the dam water could dry up a bit now as we saw in the bus on the way here.

I really appreciate the hilltop tea plantation in the branch of Dongpan Hill.

We would like to mention that two immigrant workers from Anhui province gave us an electric bike hitch hike up the hill. One bike took me up more than half way up the hill.  Another bike does not have enough power to take my sister after the second climb, and both bike owners finally pushed their bikes up. We would like to thank them for their sincerity and help.  They has worked in our district as house builders for 15 years and did their contribution to our town in their youth.

The tea house gate keeper is a very kind local elder.  He was reading a local herbal study book, which was a gift from a local hospital.  A history of 49 years in tea plantation, this hilltop would be set up for tea appreciation.  House construction here was controlled by the state.  

This forest has native palm tree, sweet-scented osmanthus, bamboo.

Wild flowers, big grass-hoppers, nursery-grown plants, this small village would have you leave with fresh mind.

Farmers here make more money from nursery beds of plants than veggies.


How does “Airbnb” work in China?

Am I blind that Chinese living cost in towns and small-medium sized cities gets higher within the last a few years?  A typical Lanzhou Lamian noodle costs around 3mb, now increased to 8rmb in my town, an upfront coastal harbor city, 2 hours distance from Shanghai, where its economy status stays medium to high in the Zhejiang Province, a province known for industrial and small commodities’ economic success as such listed as one of top three Ecomomic success in China.

A noodle costs 8rmb seems alike still affordable, then how about 12-15 rmb for small restaurant noodle dishes, which is equivalent to around 2-3 Australian dollars, very cheap as you think, but for local Chinese, “it is not cheap!”.  While a noodle may cost 25-28rmb in restaurants of big cities, you may think that is too much, but it is the truth of China. High commercial rent and increased labor cost push up the living cost.  Traffic in China is very much affordable in public bus and metro services, and some of of high speed trains. Compared to the old days, a train ticket may cost 10-30 rmb for slow speed overnight trains, now a fast train may cost 100-200rmb roughly.  A high speed train from Ningbo to Changsha takes about 6 hours, which costs around 140rmb.  A speed train from Hangzhou to Huerhaote, a far north city may cost around 200rmb, that is a good deal.  A speed train from Ningbo to Nanning, a far southeast city takes about 29 hours, which costs around 200rmb as well, still is a good deal.

Hotel and motel accommodation in China is quite much affordable, which is around 60-80rmb for a small room of private motels, 100-300rmb for a hotel room under 3 stars…

Well, I checked n Airbnb for a few rural places near mountains such as Quzhou, Shenzhou, Yi chun, a single room costs $25-45, which is in Aussie dollars.   In cities of Shanghai, a shared room may cost $14-18.  A single room in my town may cost $25-45 as well.  A room in rural Australian town may cost around $34.  Concerning China has lots of small private motel rooms and chain motel rooms, the Airbnb price is not quite a good choice.  Shall I say Airbnb in Australia is quite acceptable?  I guess so.


What is vibe?  When we were young, we danced in the disco hall with dazzling, swirling neon lights above the head and shoulders, loud music on, with that tempo, busy twisting feet tip tap stepping on the floor, dancers knocking to each other, we think that was great vibe.

In Australia, in a background of desert, in the vastness of great yellow and red brimmed with sand, rock, and grass, a band standing across the space between you and the desert, the power of beat of the rock music and the vibration of the earth seem alike immersed, which creates “vibe”, the name of the band or the definition of such a space.

In China, in the smoke of hot dishes, large bowls with open demonstration of spicy food, red and green chillies; hot oil drizzled into the white fish; grilled hot stone plate with sizzling shrimps or slices of meat, together the sensational color, smell and taste give great satisfaction to the senses of food lovers.  Chinese food are daily salvation.  Food is God in China.  

The result is the day to day oily lips and rounded stomach.  Especially for aged retired people, they may lessen their appetite by choosing light dishes, they choose to have a light walk after the dinner.  When nightfall comes, flashes of light casting on the river, low flying birds swiftly catching food in the high wind, couples or solo walker all get their evening out a routine health work-out or rather say walk-out.  No matter it is getting dark, their spirits are high, arms up, steps wide.  People say group dancing in square is a typical modern feature of China.  Chinese are getting this kind of vibe by grouping together, costumed in a similar fashion, following a well designed dancing patterns with a traditional type of folk music or popular songs.

Viberation of life

The energy of life could be passed on. When you observe the people, somehow you can get affected positively or negatively. Like a ripple, variation and harmony is the result of vibration, which is the force of nature. Like a magnet, people are lead by the god’s power, education is cultivation, but not the nucellus of force.  Thinkings are nurtured, attitude is a choice, actions are the result of determination, the will of wish.

I do not deny the obstacles and changes in life.  A richness could be superficial, short and not withstanding, while the force of life is strong, as is the pulse of energy.  A smooth life does not teach us how to get a breakthrough, when changes do happen, some of people get stucked, which trigger anxiety and oppressiveness, thus the psychological and brain damage. 

I believe in the healing powers of nature, the evolution of brain power.  The mountain is our spiritual spine, then pray is our hearts’ persuasiveness.  Facing the mountain is a way of meditation.

To take, you give a breath;  you give yourself a breath of fresh air, then take a fresh look on the world around you.  Face the truth of life as it is the force of life. 

You shall have a faith in yourself, in the goodness of God.  You are nothing yet you are everything, a part of you is the vibration of life. What you take and what you give decide what kind of life you lead.  Human beings are connected in a way of life.  We rely on the air, water and food system.  Emotionally, we rely on our resistance and forgiveness.

Believe in the spiritual happiness which is everlasting.  A happy soul is better than nothing.  Heart and spirit are alike twin sisters; courage and undertaking are brothers of mission.  

I shall say that any start is a new start, a birth of new life, a transmission of vibration.

Life is a cycle, not a hustle

Poeny, rich, bold and poised. Plum blossom, firm, proud and fragrant.  These two flowers are called national flowers by Chinese. For the first, peony is a symbolism of rich, fully noble life; the second, plum blossom has the quality of resilience in life.  Speaking about nobleness, Chinese may link this quality more to bamboo tree for humbleness, lotus flower for pureness, palm tree for strength…

People always think the modern Chinese life is about hustle and bustle, running after money, saving money, working for the next generation.  While the moon runs on a cycle, farmers rely on the lunar cycle for adaption of production, harvest, and rest, in modern life, people working the city take the tasks more alike working bees to collect the “money”.  

This is a park under construction.  At the mid night, I could hear the frogs. The metro lights are all night on.  Road lamps, apartment lights are bright and flashy.  Everning is alike Carnival of underground life.

On another side of the bank, the residence from the towers were taking a chance to fish.

Circled around the pond, workers were setting up plantations, making marks and covering with hays, putting in seeds…

Like spider plant, life is alike rampant stems of leaves, sprouting a future, uncertainy hanging around, though still reaching around.

In the center of city, it is the stadium.  An open air gym facility was built in the garden.   A racing cycle symbol sculpture represents Health is the Centre of life.

A lonely sparrow or a wandering egret still means everything, hunting, calling, nesting, breeding.  The river, plants, pond are sources of life, bugs and worms feed on and live on and to be feeded.

A river is a nurturing mother of nature.  Always keep a pond in the living area, the peace of life.

Small world, humble beginnings

Today’s world is really getting smaller. A trip around the world (13 stops) could cost 

$1385 USD with visa fees, stopover fees some exclusive, according to secretflying.  A cruise from Portugal to Brazil for 10 days all inclusive costs 290euro while you can still study Spanish or Portugal in the boat.  A round trip from Kuala Lumpur to Copenhagen costs only $438 USD with Thailand Airliane.  Promotions for Perth to London return trip costs $907;  Los Angles to Portland $86 return by American airline; Well, budget airlines in Europe, they call it Airbus offers even cheaper deals from Hamberg to Norwegian cities.

In China, buget airline even has payment options by third party, which costs 2rmb per month for interest, such as a flight to Japan, it allows to charge 34rmb per month for a year. Deals from Spring air such as a trip from Ningbo to Nagoyo, Japan costs 9rmb plus tax, total 379rmb. For small investment, you can all the way around Asian countries. Now you wonder why so many Chinese are busy with work, kids, family, they could not find time to travel.

Couchsurfing in Nagoyo, you could find many international travelers who had 100 references and traveled lots of countries already. You can find English speaking Japanese or couples who had traveled a lot and like to accept you as a Guest.

True, you could have a busy life, as I say, you still have choices for your income, lifestyle, kids education, family outings. Some can travel just out of the house gate and enjoy a free walk and a simple picnic, a cheap outing does not cost any money, you can wrap up your own food and drink.  It involves personal time management and efforts to make life work better.

While I booked a resort room in Vietnam, I encourage my dear friends to go out and have their family time, and I could provide free trip ideas for them.  A room costs only $12 per day for 2 persons, I highly recommend my dear friends to enjoy this benefit with me. Nothing beats up actions and experience.  Life is full of surprises and adventures!

Green Trip Day in China

Yesterday it was our local hundred years old sweet-scented osmanthus festival in the hillside village called Wang-ao.  Today we went to Tian Tong,  scenic spot of Tiantong National park and famous Tiantong Temple.  Happenly it was Green Trip Day, we took the metro for four stops, then changed to a bus 162 to the end destination of Tian Tong station. One stop before that is Tian Tong Scenic Area’s Information Centre for private cars.

The sweet scented osmanthus flowers fell off along the way.

These trees were planted along the road near the forest.

Rare old Chinese trees are located at the front part of the Temple and along the way to two pools, where released fish, turtles are living proof of this old temple.  The temple has a history of more than 1700 years with Chinese emperors’ worship and late Japanese Foseng leaders’ impact.  It is surrounded by six hills of National Park, mainly the Taibai Hill.

The front entry has a statute inscribed with Tian Tong Temple.  The temple has big trees of pseudolarix,  five-leaved pine, Sabina chinensis, metasequoia, camphor,  Magnolia grandiflora.  The Sabina chinensis was almost 1000 years old.  The rare metasequoia is one of the world’s most ancient tree species from China.

With modern building in front and a traditional pagoda at the background, this scenic site was a creation of new and old, together it left a harmonious life impact.

On both sides of the Square, together there are eighteen Luohan Budda sculptures.

Bamboo grove is another feature of this forest, in between is the even higher camphor tree.

By the creek, there is a beautiful tree, Senna surattensis with yellow and red flowers.

A few tea plantations in the inner road of old pilgrim way to the temple.  Flos hibisci blooms.

Maple tree with its red leaves are pleasant for the coming golden autumn days.

If you check out the Tiantong National Park on Baidu map, you could also book an entry ticket in advance.  You would pay a discounted fee of 15rmb, for one ticket with the benefit of another for free if you book before 8am.  The door price is 20rmb.

The best time to visit is after the weather cools down and the mosquitos disappear in the mountain.