Trip to Asia

Since the alibaba opened a airticket booking for international traveling in China, the trip to Australia and the domestic trip includes Tigerair. My friend in China mentioned to me,that is the third time I need to think about this airline company.

The first time an Aussie told me she would not use tiger as it always gets late. I found the tiger air place was good, but never made a decision to use it. Last year we used the flyscoot from Singapore to Bali and found out it was very disappointing, the online booking time was wrong, by swapping a day would mean you gonna buy another ticket, so we booked another ticket to fly by jetstar back to Singapore. At least I used jetstar many times, I have not met an issue. The connecting flight within one hour in the Singapore airport landing from New Zealand, further to China, I made it, that was amazing.

So my Chinese friend would book a cheaper dragon air ticket domestically in Australia, (cheaper than Jetstar) most possibly she would do it through the booking on the Alibaba site.

I gonna have a personal trip from Brisbane to China. My destination could be Hangzhou as Airasia does the flight from Gold Coast to Hangzhou, or Ningbo, my home town. Between Hangzhou and Ningbo, there is alway fast bus trips, or trains, so I do not bother that, only 1-2 hour difference.

Sometime Airasia has good deals, sometime it is not, the fare could be double the price within a few days of traveling.

I thought about Tigerair again. They do the trip from Singapore to Ningbo while airasia does not have it. Airasia flight from Gold Coast to China would stop at Malasia, sometime the waiting time could be almost a day. I had bad impression on the Malaysian international airport,  Kuala Lumpur as of the smelly and wet toilet issues. The last trip in Malasia, we had an overnight sleep in the airport, and the conditions seems alike make me feel it could be accomodating. I saw so many overseas travelers sleeping the corners of walking ways. The food is not bad while I still like more the Singapore airport’s food courts as I am a Chinese.

As I remembered the flyscoot has a flight from Bangkok to Lijiang, China, I guess Tigerair and flyscoot belong to the same company. That is the first thinking. Then I checkeded out the Facebook page of Tigerair, I am surprised to find out it was owned by Richard, the Virgin airline boss. I quite like the brandname of Virgin Airline, part of reason it provides world trip deals, innovation in the airflight service. I never tried Virgin Airline yet, though the domestic trips in Australia, Virgin flight could be cheaper than jetstar as it based in Melbourne.

Based in Melbourne for domestic flights and Singapore to fly Asia, I can not resist to checkout all different destinations in Asia from Tiger Singapore.

That was quite encouraging.

I found out the flight fare is good to try.  Some nice beach places to go, such as Surabaya in Indonesia, Kochi, Langakawi in India, also Penang in Malay, Kalibo, Cebu in Philippine, Krabi and Phuket in Thailand, and Male in Maldives.Fort heritage and river trip in Trichy, Chennai, Hyederabad, Dhaka and Yangon.

It would be exciting to try out India, Philippine, Indonesia and Malaysia. No need to mention how cheap it is to fly to Ho Chi Mingh city.

You may have tried already, just let me know.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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