Ma Ma creek market

Every second Sat of each month, Mama creek market brings local fruits and organic veggie.

Beautiful day today, on the road, the purple colored red cabbage was harvested in barrel. Pumpkins stocked ed up, $1 each.

The bush flower smells awesome. Tiny creamy colored butterfly and bush bees were busy for nectar.

Pruned border plant came with purple flower which is quite pretty.

I can not deny the beauty of this flower, very delicate and blooming.

The vendor’s handmade soaps and candles were seducing to the amazed customers, a couple who were very much superised to find the smell was so pleasing.

A black headed white lamb in the pen was really cute, making callings.  It was bottle fed, only two weeks old, the mother died in the birth, at the last breath, she was still licking the new born lamb’s hair. A crystal water container was in the pen, shining, the lovely white haired lamb turned body in a way, I kneed down to look into its face, wondered to touch it.

A little grey haired puppy dog was quite old actually, 8 years old.  It was very calm when the owner lady was busy in talking. When she finished up, it just jumped to her leg up.  A few weeks ago, the original owner abandoned it as it bited naughty kids.

Fordsdale organic veggie, that is what I wanted to make a good lunch.

Potato, red onions are great. Spring onion and silver beet look fresh.  They are not cheap, as they are good stuff. Great deal is 3 large sized avacado, only $5. A familiar old lady selling avacado only was just close by. Every time we walked away and bought the avacado from the veggie booth, which made me feel award, why not buy from her, she must be feeling unwelcoming.

A small donut was hung up in a line in between booths. $50 cents each, it must be fun for the kid to try on to make it.

The hills looks peaceful with farm lands on both sides. Best spots for plants, handcrafts.

Beautiful set up of colorful table cloth, flags and hanging small bags.

The spider plants and antique style cups, fancy be putting together.

Talks of silver coins and war time photos would not stop at all in a book.

Here is the opposite backyard garden of the Mama creek shop.

The lady under the front gate of the community centre were selling marmalaid and desert.

Such a fruitful lemon tree with hanging fruits at the base branches. Well done pruning job. A few cuttings of top and side branches would be even better before and between the flowering season.

Fancy the border shade plant and the bell shaped pinky bush plant.

The shop sells homemade pie. A spot like this is very welcoming.

A little girl was rubbing a stone on a rock by the community centre. Pinky rock dust!

I made my day by cooking up the spring onion fried egg and silver beet,then wrapped them up in dumpling.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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