Talking about dreams, I have bucket list always in my mind, such as one month walking and cycling in Camino de Santiago (the way of St. James); one month traveling traveling in India by crossing over Butan and Nepal from China; travel from Ha Long Bay, down to Hu Zhi Ming, the go all the way up throug Mei Gong River to Tailand, up to the Xi Shuang Ban Na of China, further to the Lijiang, head for Shangarila, stay in the lower Tibet for one week; a trip to West China, the lace called Lanzhou, where my grandpa worked two years once in life, then head for Dunhuang for the Pinot noir vineyard, head to Xinjiang Province of China to stay for 2 weeks; a trip to Heilongjiang near the border of Russia to watch the fish catching by the Hezhe people, who shall be called small Eskimo people; a trip to Tianshan in China, West China haven, to visit the Yaochi.

In China, 2 long rivers dominate the Chinese map, one is called Yellow River, where high spirited people lives around there. Another is called Chiangjiang or Yangzi River. I had trips to cites or towns along the Yangzi River, such as Yangzhou and Hangzhou, Both of them are southern Chinese cities. The south River area is called fish and rice country with towns and cities built around the lakes, rivers. I had written about that in my “looking for gems in life”.

Leisurely life style is a thing such as the southern River life, infused with poetry, wine and calligraphs. Hard life is more intriguing, and it deserves exploring the terroir, lifestyle and mind. The cave life in the Shaan Xi area, where people sing, step up and beat the drum, the soul of Yellow River, the fighting and protecting spirits intertwined in the oil painting of Yellow River Ode.  The painter Chen Yi few, born in Ningbo, painted the Shanghai style life and River country’s Twin Bridge of Zhou Zhuang.

Dancing and singing family and friends celebrate together with picnic under the vines, or share the honey melon near the bonfire.  The dry, hot days,  freezing cold nights in Xinjiang province, Chinese Muslims kept their spirits high.

The Yellow River running through 9 provinces which includes Qin Hai, Nei Meng Gu, Ning Xia, Si Chuan, Gan Su, Shaan Xi, Shan Xi, He Nan, Shandong…

“Along the river during the Ching-Ming Festival” was a painting of the river side village life in the old days of Northern Song Dynasty, which described the prosperity of Bian River city, capital city Kaifeng at that time, the central plain land in China, He Nan province is the country of red dates.

The neighboring province Shan Xi, is the cradle of noodle country.

Fine, it would be some plans to go.



Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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