Lockyer National Park

We did a Lockyer Rim track a month ago.  Today I searched online and found the site of wikilog which leads us to the Red Cliff and Red Rock track in the Murphys creek area.

Both these tracks are not marked yet.   They do have a parking area. It seems that the organization of “Land for Wildlife” is still working on the roads and bush work.  The two tracks could be done as a loop by walking down the cliff of the Red Cliff track, down the creek bed, then walk all the way left to the side of Red Rock, and return through a gravel way back to the car park. I had one concern only. We climbed back the cliff to the car park and walked down the gravel road to the Red Rock and found out the “No through Road” “Private Property”, which made us very nervous to go down further, we took the left path and kept away from the rough roofed property.

It has a smaller dry creek bed in the Red Rock area, so if you did the Red Cliff, this part is more for hideaways, with open road easy to access, while the Red Cliff is really a challenging rock walk with great bush feeling, by walking between rocks and bushes.

The road to the car park is pretty good, bushes are flush in this crest of Lockyer National Park.

The driving part of bush to the Paradise Creek car park. We parked the van on the left empty space and walked 2 minutes down to the car park. 3G still works here. I guess the large house facing the valley just next to track is used for conservation work.

That was the first time I saw this fluffy bushy plant.

The Red Cliff track is on the right side of the car park. You will see the red cliff from the platform soon. From there, you would go down the hill to the Fifteen miles creek.

In Australia, you could check out lots of “paradise road or creek”, I tell you this place is really a gem.

Look on this forest from the hilltop, in between is a paradise creek bed with pond, sand, creek, rocks and vegetations, full of wild life such as fish, frog.

Beside the pond, people did a bonfire in the sand.

Tadpoles swimmed in the water hole of rock bed. The cliffside pond was deep with floating green alga, which tiny little fish just swimmed along.

The creek itself is full of fish, some grown with a size of human hand length.

The rock, sand and vegetation made a Buddhism zen nature art.

Palm trees, umbrella water plant, sand plants are exceptional to the native bush.

The blooming bee attracting plant.

The tiny blossom of wildflowers.

A rare thorny weed.

Climbed back, the bushy rocks. We made sticks mark to the up track.

The Red Rock track had beautiful mint bush flowers.

From the crest to the road, a view of mountain range.

Back to the Murphys creek road, we headed for highfields.  Stout horses with big hoofs were interesting to see.

Up in the high countryside, the weather started to be cold and windy. We rushed for a cracked chicken meal with hot chips. The William park track, Highfields fall, Brindabelle country garden roses and Blue mountain heights view would be great to have a go if you are in that area. Magnolia flowers are very much a beauty to check out at the garden. We did a walk in Spring Bluff on 16th July, camellia and azalea were just great see at the station cafe. From Murphy creek road to highfields, you shall drive through the road to the station. 

Headed to Toowoomba to get some Asian groceries, back home I went straight to cook a spicy tofu dish to have a proper meal to warm up.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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