Big lizard 

This lizard I saw at my backyard this afternoon was more than 30cm long. It moved quickly and shakes the head fast for back view. 

It lives under the wood cranks. I saw a tiny version before. This one is huge. I can not figure out it is a Goanna, Water Dragon or Lace Monitor?


Being local

Went for a walk in the Gatton National Park this morning, which is 10 minutes driving distance from the Gatton Town.

The park was cornered by the houses. A new moved bungalow was set up just beside the bush trail. This area is next the Woodlands Estate. Opposite is another new building estate called Woodchester, cornered by the Gost Gully salad farm done by hydroponics.

On the right side, it is the Lake Apex, the Lockyer Culture Centre was close by the lake, where Gatton Library, Gallery, information Centre and Cafe, where you can ask the information staff for free wireless password.

Low tide time, birds, ducks, geese were swarming for breadcrumbs.

Fresh air went through the shady woods, it was cool to read. In the summer, you could smell the lemon scent from the trees. There is even a grove of Queensland bush forest.

Gatton seems booming with real estates. It is a good place to live, lots of spaces.

The local farm houses united together and open houses on the first Sunday of each month. Lockyer valley has 4 places for food trails while Scenic Rim has two for foraging. Their site is Local organic farm Bauer’s provides fresh garlic, veggie, fresh Dutch cream, potatos for door sales and pickup by online order. Now with the first Sunday coming, it becomes very exciting and provides tourist a chance to see the place.

Cheers! That is what I like to see.  Absolutely I would put on some information on my Facebook tastebudsinaustralia and organic trails on my site of

Abuse of food additive 

I was shocked to know that the overuse of Sodium Cyclamate purposely did into the injection of some fruits.  This abuse of illegal application to sweeten the fruits was very nasty. It is the kind of industry production of Sodium Cyclamte selling for a few cents at half kilo, built vast sales for profits while undermined unknown health reason for human consumption of huge needs of fruits.

First known as soft drink additives, Sodium Cyclamate is legal to use at a limited standard.    Both in Australia and China, it is allowed to be used under control.


The sun shines, the dog’s tail grass matured in purple hue, sway in the soft wind. Magpies chase each other along the roof. 

To set a table under the green spiky pine and purple leaved tree with clumps of bushy tiger patterned snake plant, with patches of sunlight overhead the porch, read a classic book, drink a cup of lime & honey tea.

Life is adorable.

Bought a bag of mixed seeds to feed the wild lorikeets, I was overwhelmed by the early winter morning feeding before, when the magpie, minor birds, rainbow lorikeets all catched foods at my backyard, now I put the seeds in a plate placed somewhere far on the lawn.

The ice cream van’s bell rang the way and played the music along.

Brisbane suburb 

I had a few days stay at the Hotel Chino in the suburb of Brisbane, Woolloomgabba.  The Buranda Village is close by, where you can shop the supermarket, eat Japanese foods, buy Japanese groceries, Turkish deserts. There is also a Mexcian restaurant.

Hotel manager Maria is very welcoming. The single room was nicely setup, tiny and tidy.

Outside window has a view of blooming Golden Penda plant flower. It is a Myrtle kind of tree, not wattle.

The head-board wall paintings are Palm. Fridge, counter top and cupboard are grouped together.

Small writing desk has city introductory books and magazine. Comfortable to make a note.

Checked online some antique shops, one was closed. Auction shop still remains, but not for a visit.

I have not attemted to walk to the South Bank, which should be good for a drink at a night bar.

Though the traffic at the back road there mostly are single way. It is easy to find a petrol station close by.

Laidley market

Lots of onions growing, $7 a bunch for harvest worker. This is the old wagon wheel road, Forest-Laidley road.  The canola flowers are blooming, spring calls on.

On the last Sunday of every month, Laidley market at the Ferrari car park is open for local farmers to trade.

Laidley north has views of Main Range, hue of blue shade in the far. 

Named the “Queen’s country garden”, Laidley Spring Garden Festival starts on 8th Sept.

Orchid flowers are popular local hobby plant. Breeding Budgies could be fun. Buying a bonding pair, a wood hatch box, a large cage for flying, you start to learn how to breed.  The blue one is male, yellow is female.

Back road Woodlands to Gatton has great field looks, up and down the hill.  On the way, hay harvesting job was on.

Want to have a drink before you go, wander along the Laidley town shops, Eagle Rock Cafe, Floral Tea shop are great places to visit. 

South Pacific Islands flight

AirCalin is doing a promotion of return trip to New Caledonia for $499 for early booking. I checked out their site, a 30 years establishment in flying. I wonder how many business are doing Pacific Island flight cheap deals, as $499 for return is not cheap for a 1.5 hour flight one way.  For Aussie, Whitsundays is great place to travel.  A trip from Melbourne to Whitsunday is operated by Tigerair. Virgin air and Jetstar provide trips from Brisbane, stop in Auckland and other cities in New Zealand for Pacific Islands’ destination.  Budget air for Pacific Islands are much needed. Virgin air also provides direct flights to Fiji and Vanuatu from Brisbane.

Flying to Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Samoa, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Norfolk Island, New Zealand has deals on specific days this year.

Named “Our Airline”,  Nauru Air flies from Brisbane to Nauru Island, Marshall Islands, Nardi (Fiji), Tarawa routinely.

Air Nuigini and Solomon airlines provides direct flights from Brisbane to top parts of South Pacific Islands.  Fiji air has routes to far island such as Honolulu and our own Christmas Island. 

Polynesian air provides fight between Samoa and American Samoa, also charter services to Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Savii.

Flight Centre and House of Travel offer flight deals to South Pacific Islands.