“Free country”

The first stop on the way from Gatton to the Darling Downs area, the Heifier Creek camping site is a free hideaway from the main road.  It has toilet and picnic tables.  Short stay is allowed.  Be minded now a mobile psychologist service  is available on this travel bus.

Our second stop is at the Apex Park of the Allora shire.  It is dump spot, also a rest stop for caravans, camp vans and travelers with toilet, BBQ and picnic table facilities, even with a swing area.

On the left side of the park, there is a church and it looks pretty good.  For each shire, there would be a place to meet people first, that is the church.  Though anyone could enter the door of the church, even passingby people could have a spiritual rest by going inside the church to pray.

As far as I know,  the first use of “free” word to describe Australia is from a book “kangaroo” written by D.H Lawrence.

“Free” could be free of mind, a free market, a friendship of volunteer and, your free will.

Our camp site is the Goomburra side of the Main Range National Park.  Several camping grounds are run by private business. We booked the government site by phone earlier, so parked in easily without any check in.  That is the cheapest way to travel the country.  There is BBQ facility and toilet.  A family of magpies takes the domain of this zone.

We walked up the short tracks up the hill in the rainforest before.  There are short walks for a 450-800 meters return to see the Castle hill, Hoop pines.  This time we walked a loop track to see the Araucaria water fall.  It was a 2:30 hours walking, climbing up to the top part of the rainforest, a canopy of palms, ferns, hook pine and eucalyptus trees, then walking down to the fall and creeks.  Animal rushed across the trail before us was a quail today. Late evening walk was a seeing of foraging single kangaroo, mules before warming up by the fire and a cup of warm tea, off to bed, and we experienced the after mid night chill night.

Heading to the Cummingham highway, we drove slowly and waited a herd of cattle to move to another paddock.

It was an amazing feeling to drive through the gap of the Main Range national park.

When we arrived at the Lake Moogerah, our spirit was further lifted up.  A pelican soaring over the lake left a moment of forever in mind. A relaxing time by the lakeside could be well entertained by doing BBQ, a facility free for use, you just clean before you go.

On the way to the Mount French, an adult sized skink just run across our van, we stopped and he speeded away. On the way back to Boonah, we stopped for a medium sized tortoise, which was creeping on the side of road. Observed the traffic, I took a quick photo and confirmed we can drive along.

The Mount French section of camping sites have 14 great sand based spaces.  Local vegetation such as red pea flowers, canopy of grass trees are great to see.

At the back road of Boonah, Mount Alfred , the tasting at the Bunjurgen was great.  The view at the Kooroomba lavender and vinery was awesome.

Back to Boonah, walking the town and enjoying a tasty Mexican flavor pie was a plus to a day of busy traveling by sitting in a nice shop to review the places where we went.

On the way back to Gatton, stopped at Waloon, I really appreciated the mobile library served Tuesday in a forth night by the Ipswich city.

That was my day. I felt fulfilled.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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