Camping two days near Gatton area

It is mid of year, end of July, the weather in Brisbane is warm, you feel alike spring days.  The Main Range national park is 1:30 hour away from Gatton.   We would camp one night in the Gumburra camping site to explore longer hiking routes.  The Moogerah Peaks National park is just around on the further routes near the town of Boonah, which belongs to the Scenic Rim area, a few vineyards and one lavender farm locate in the town.  There are two lakes, one called Lake Moogerah, where we would camp one night in the Mount French section.  Another lake is called Lake Maroon, locates above the Barney National Park.  The only camping ground near the Lake Moogerah has little spaces, need to be booked in advance.  The name is Frog Buttress camping ground.  The online booking is down at this moment, you shall call them to pay by credit, $6 roughly a night.  With short distance walking and some longer tracks to the mountains,both national parks are easy to have options to walk.

We drive a Pajero van, which has a great space to sleep in.  Both camping ground could be hard to sleep on.  Midnight rain could be an interrupt of good sleep.  The weather in the evening could be cold in the bush. The Mount French section has a distance of 100 meters to walk to camp, so sleep in the van is the best option.

We do have compare cooking stove for backpack use. As we are driving most of the time, so we opt to buy a big stove, which could be more stable to use. We bought a cast iron camping oven before, so it could be used on the camping stove fuelled by 4 bootleg of gas.  The gass bottles are universal to use, you could buy it in Coles supermarket and The Super Auto shop.  we bought the stove for only around $24, which is the cheapest we can find out at this moment. The shop is open on Sunday. we drived around supermarket and Asian shops and found the portable stove called Master costs around $34-39.

The Stanley flask is great to use. We could fill in hot water and use it to make coffee or tea on the road. It is around 2 litres. We bought it in the Jing Zong College shop in Toowoomba a few days ago.  I have to tell you they stock a collection of heathy grains and beans from China.

THe food we prepared, some of them are bought in the Reject shop.  The shop opens on Sunday.  The seasoning mix includes Thai spice, Indian Tandoori, Louisiana hot steak spice, Mexican crushed chilli contained in four seperated blocks.  The Mexican rice kit with chilli and garlic could be a try to mix with lamb soup to be cooked.  Moroccan chickpea I tried already at home, which costs only $1 is great to have it for camping dinner.  I alway like the taste of liquid breakfast by Sanitarium.  All sorts of flavours. This time I gonna try the honeycomb flavour.

We also pack up pasta & sauce, oats flakes,  plain biscuits, oysters as snacks. Egg holder for a dozen only costs $2 from the Wayne’s world shop.

Before we go, we charge up two cameras, one is water resistant with macro lens, another is 50x good for birds photos. Two rechargeable torches, one is pocket size, another for camping night use.

We prepared hammocks and rope. They could be used for relaxing sunshine afternoon.

That is all I talk about preparing your camping staff. I attached a few photos for your reference.


Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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