How to make Limoncello

Golden lemons in the yard.

Pick 10 lemons and wash it under the tap.
Take only the thin peel without the white part.
Put them in a jar and pure in one liter of vodka.
Save them in a shady place.

Shake them every week, after 2-3 weeks, take them out.
Filter out the peels.

Mix 6 cups of sugar with 5 cups of water.
Dissolve them on the heat then cool down to become a syrup.

Pour in the vodka liquid with the syrup.
After mixing, one liter of vodka becomes 4-5 bottles of limoncello.
Saving them for one month after all the sugar dissolves.

Enjoy the limoncello with cake, fruit salad, lemon and lime pie or just as an aperitif or after dinner as a desert for digestion.





Author: Cathy Tsui

Entrepreneur in wine and gifts. Importer and Exporter. Promotional products consultant; Italian shop owner; wine specialist; WSET certificate; self-media; wine talk show, "Let's taste some wine!" Those are old stories now. I am now an inspiring travel agent.

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