Learning new things about Chinese prescriptives

Use the Chinese Arborvitae Twig water (侧柏叶) to rinse the shampooed hair to activate hair growing and nourish the hair. You may try to wash the hair by 皂角(Chinese Honeylocust Fruit).

Mix the 白芷 ( Angelica dahurica ) with the peach blossom to make a mask to whiten the skin; or make a liquor from both of them, drink daily and/or put on the face to reduce the 黄褐斑(Chloasma). Note also B vitamins are particularly helpful. B1 keeps circulation normal, which in turn contributes to healthy skin. B2 can actually eliminate brown aging spots on the skin, while B6 helps prevent eczema. Brewer’s yeast is a natural source of B vitamins. Ingest two tablespoons of dried brewer’s yeast each day for two weeks, and you will see a noticeable difference in skin tone.

茵陈 [yīn chén]
oriental wormwood; capillary artemisia
Make a pan cake from the oriental wormwood; or make a porridge of it for the benefit of liver and gallbladder.

Have the little nail-shaped cloves in the mouth to dispel the bad breath.

荠菜 [jì cài]
{植} shepherd’s purse
A wild Vegi, can be cooked to heal the dry eyes.

fritillary: put in the emptied core area of a pear, with ginger,
Chinese sichuanpepper, rock sugar, steam the whole pear, and eat to heal the cough.

Yú Xīnɡ Cǎo
Boil it like tea and drink it for boosting immunity, urinary infections, skin problems.